27 September, 2013

What is a problem.?

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160m is heard recently, I feel somehow that there are many noises.  What does not understand whether it is a source. Since the attitude of a noise is different 160 m every year, a measure cannot be struck well.
It will also be one of the causes that a new house was built around. If DX comes out in frequency with many noises, it can hardly catch. Since the frequency of a noise moves, it can sometimes be judged as an artificial noise.
The noise had come out near the frequency which is QRV OK7GU this morning also.
Since the office currently called was, I understand, but if independent, it can hardly copy.
A season is also likely to become the battle with a noise now.

25 September, 2013

A north-south path

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QRV of VK9LL was started.  It seems to be the operat which specialized in 160m/80m band.Since I was QSO with VK9LA in the past, I am not New Entity on 160m band.
However, in order to check condition, it was heard from 1130Z time last evening. Though regrettable, it is the thing  which is QRV, but it is not audible at all.
VK3HJ was QRV at the time. He can understand a CW code here at the peak of QSB.  The signal report of VK3HJ is 319. Since VK3HJ is heard, VK9LL may also be heard.  Why isn't it audible?
Probably, there is still a chance, since it is operat by this weekend.  I hear it tonight also.
By the way, the typhoon is approaching again.  A wind is becoming strong the influence and this morning.  It is wished a typhoon does not make a rapid course change.

22 September, 2013

This morning is also 160m.

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160 m was heard this morning also.  As compared with yesterday, condition was not good this morning. JA was also seldom QRV this morning.
Although I also heard it, it is hardly audible.  The necessity for a receiving antenna was felt. It seems that the receiving antenna is being used for the station which can often be heard.
One station was still able to be heard before sunrise. That was OE3DIA.  He is QRV these days very actively.
Before sunrise, for several minutes was stabilized very much and was able to be heard. However, it is not long time and was not able to call.
Probably, if it enters in a season, it will be a little better audible.

21 September, 2013

The point of falling

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When Cluster was checked this morning, 160m condition was good. Many Europe stations were reported.  Moreover, much JA was also QRV after a long time.
However, I hardly hear.
A 160m band has influence of regional difference like 10m. Unless an electric wave falls to its area, it is not audible at all. 
I think that some are different if it has a receiving antenna.  However, since I do not have a receiving antenna, I cannot be heard.
Uniquely, only OK1ATP was able to be heard weakly.
From now on, such a state will continue.  However, since it is never audible, I think that 160m is interesting.
It is not interesting if simply audible.  I think that it is a band good for challenging.

17 September, 2013

160m this morning

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Outside air temperature fell to 19 degrees this morning.  It is cool.  So 160 m was heard this morning.
The noise level of 160 m this morning is also low, and tends to hear it.  VK4MA was able to be heard first this morning.  He was taking out CQ several times.
I called a few times. However, He was still calling CQ. It did not arrive, although other station called him.
Then, V5/DF2UU has QRV to 1926.5 kHz. QSX on 1822KHz ,It is the information from a cluster. JA of several stations was calling. While hearing it, JA did not have a reply.
But I do not hear V5/DF2UU.
The present, 5;07JST.  It is QSO someone.  He has sent the report of 559.  I do not hear in the value. 
I have been convinced.

Condition is going up.

14 September, 2013


HI all, many thanks for coming my blog.
160m was heard as usual this morning also. SSN is a value which is not so high at 58.  I think that I am for low bands comparatively.
The signal of DX was able to begin to be heard past by 5:00JST in local time on 1824KHz.
Who is on air that?
I heard it carefully.
After several times of GQ, the signal went up and it has checked the call sign.  It was 4X4DK.
The signal was the strongest around 5:15 at local time. It did not arrive, although JA of several stations called. Then, fade-out of the signal has been carried out.
Although it was little-by-little, the signal of DX was able to come to be heard at 160m.

10 September, 2013

It is not audible.

It seems that 3B9EME is QRV in the top band this morning.  Seemingly it is QSX 1810 for JA.
Although I am hearing it, a signal cannot be heard at all.  Nobody is calling JA by 1810.
Probably, it will not be wholly audible.
P.S. At 2025z now and CW was able to begin to be heard now.  But it is not a level which can be copied enough.  It is a grade which understands RST currently sent occasionally.

06 September, 2013

Going up

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The unstable weather has also been stabilized at last. I heard the top band ar sunset time last night. A noise level is still high. However, it is not as midsummer.
I found the two HL stations. They were taking out CQ DX repeatedly. However, while hearing it, there was no return. I move to another freq. I looking for other DX.
Some signals were found by 1824.5 kHz. It seems that someone is QSO. Who is it?  It was heard for a while.
Oh, I understand. It is VK3ZL. He also very active station on top band. Last night his signal was very clear and stable.I wait to complete his QSO in order to call to him. Though regrettable, he has QSY to after-end somewhere.  I was not able to QSO for him.
This morning, the top band still keep good condition. I was able to find the signal of IV3PRK easily. It signal was not so strong, but it was stable. Usually it signal report was 319 in this season. But today 319 to 429. It is the signal strength which can call him.
I call to him a few time. However, no return from him. It seems that the electric wave here has not arrived.
Condition is autumn type.  From now on, it will be pleasure.

04 September, 2013

Top band situation

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The top band is heard this morning also following yesterday. The noise level of the top band also fell and it became a situation which is easy to hear it. Did atmospheric interference also decrease?
However, the signal of DX was hardly able to be heard this summer. It will be because the condition of a high band is good.
However, the condition of a top band is also going up gradually. HL5IVL had taken out CQ for a long time this morning.
Since he is very active in a top band, if his signal is heard, the season in of a top band and I will feel. IV3PRK has answered his CQ. Though regrettable, the electric wave of IV3PRK does not fall to here. Therefore, the signal of IV3PRK is very weak.
I think that a top band is a band which has regional difference truly.

03 September, 2013

Not heard

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The condition of the low band is also good these days.  It seems that operation is started also the top band. I also everyday heard on top band at here is sunrise time.
However, not yet heard enough DX signal. This morninig also, I looking for DX signal on the band. How long looking for it. The weak signal has only been checked. Since it checked on a certain decided frequency, is it probably a signal of IV3PRK?
That frequency was 1822.4KHz
Since there was time, checking of operations of the preselector was carried out.

The blue signal is a noise level in case there is no preselector. A white signal is a noise level when a preselector enters.
The effect of a preselector can be checked.
Furthermore, I adjust and wish to prepare for a season.