17 September, 2013

160m this morning

Hi all, many thanks for coming my blog.
Outside air temperature fell to 19 degrees this morning.  It is cool.  So 160 m was heard this morning.
The noise level of 160 m this morning is also low, and tends to hear it.  VK4MA was able to be heard first this morning.  He was taking out CQ several times.
I called a few times. However, He was still calling CQ. It did not arrive, although other station called him.
Then, V5/DF2UU has QRV to 1926.5 kHz. QSX on 1822KHz ,It is the information from a cluster. JA of several stations was calling. While hearing it, JA did not have a reply.
But I do not hear V5/DF2UU.
The present, 5;07JST.  It is QSO someone.  He has sent the report of 559.  I do not hear in the value. 
I have been convinced.

Condition is going up.

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