14 September, 2013


HI all, many thanks for coming my blog.
160m was heard as usual this morning also. SSN is a value which is not so high at 58.  I think that I am for low bands comparatively.
The signal of DX was able to begin to be heard past by 5:00JST in local time on 1824KHz.
Who is on air that?
I heard it carefully.
After several times of GQ, the signal went up and it has checked the call sign.  It was 4X4DK.
The signal was the strongest around 5:15 at local time. It did not arrive, although JA of several stations called. Then, fade-out of the signal has been carried out.
Although it was little-by-little, the signal of DX was able to come to be heard at 160m.

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