25 September, 2013

A north-south path

Hi all, many thanks for coming my blog.
QRV of VK9LL was started.  It seems to be the operat which specialized in 160m/80m band.Since I was QSO with VK9LA in the past, I am not New Entity on 160m band.
However, in order to check condition, it was heard from 1130Z time last evening. Though regrettable, it is the thing  which is QRV, but it is not audible at all.
VK3HJ was QRV at the time. He can understand a CW code here at the peak of QSB.  The signal report of VK3HJ is 319. Since VK3HJ is heard, VK9LL may also be heard.  Why isn't it audible?
Probably, there is still a chance, since it is operat by this weekend.  I hear it tonight also.
By the way, the typhoon is approaching again.  A wind is becoming strong the influence and this morning.  It is wished a typhoon does not make a rapid course change.

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