06 September, 2013

Going up

Hi all, many thanks for coming my blog.
The unstable weather has also been stabilized at last. I heard the top band ar sunset time last night. A noise level is still high. However, it is not as midsummer.
I found the two HL stations. They were taking out CQ DX repeatedly. However, while hearing it, there was no return. I move to another freq. I looking for other DX.
Some signals were found by 1824.5 kHz. It seems that someone is QSO. Who is it?  It was heard for a while.
Oh, I understand. It is VK3ZL. He also very active station on top band. Last night his signal was very clear and stable.I wait to complete his QSO in order to call to him. Though regrettable, he has QSY to after-end somewhere.  I was not able to QSO for him.
This morning, the top band still keep good condition. I was able to find the signal of IV3PRK easily. It signal was not so strong, but it was stable. Usually it signal report was 319 in this season. But today 319 to 429. It is the signal strength which can call him.
I call to him a few time. However, no return from him. It seems that the electric wave here has not arrived.
Condition is autumn type.  From now on, it will be pleasure.

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