04 September, 2013

Top band situation

Hi all, many thanks for coming my blog.
The top band is heard this morning also following yesterday. The noise level of the top band also fell and it became a situation which is easy to hear it. Did atmospheric interference also decrease?
However, the signal of DX was hardly able to be heard this summer. It will be because the condition of a high band is good.
However, the condition of a top band is also going up gradually. HL5IVL had taken out CQ for a long time this morning.
Since he is very active in a top band, if his signal is heard, the season in of a top band and I will feel. IV3PRK has answered his CQ. Though regrettable, the electric wave of IV3PRK does not fall to here. Therefore, the signal of IV3PRK is very weak.
I think that a top band is a band which has regional difference truly.

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