26 October, 2013

Good condition on 160m

Hi all, mnay thanks for coming my blog.
160m condition was good this morning. It will be one day in the good day which exists per year several times.
The signal of F which does not almost have hearing it usually was also able to be heard.  Therefore, the narrow band was being crowded with many stations this morning.
It is UT7QF, RA9UDK, IV3PRK, HA5WA, F5NBU, RA0FF, DK1NO, SV1ELF, RT0F, and YB9Y and HL5IVL that it was audible this morning.

23 October, 2013


Hi all, many thanks for cming my blog.

In 160m last evening, E51AAR was newly QRV. It QRV to 1821khz as same as E51NOU, and it was QSX up1.

Since it began to have heard it after 1200z, the signal was weak and it was already a grad which can be checked somehow.

At last 1100z thinks a best time to QSO with E51. It seems that it is seldomaudible too since there were few stations which call whilehearding it.

I wish to QSO with him.

22 October, 2013

160m this mornig

Hi all, many thanks for coming my blog.

160m was heard although it was a short time this morning also.
In my place, as usual, there are many noises and it is hard to hear them.

JA each station of a frequenter is QRV. Is condition good? Though regrettable, it is not audible in my place.

The signal is wak, although the sun rise, and it became near and was audible at last. The report of 419 was able to heard although it is ES5.

I have to make the antenna only for receiving early.

20 October, 2013


Hi all, many thanks for coming my blog.
E51NOU is QRV from few days before to 160m.  However, his signal cannot be heard easily.
The beat has appeared in the frequency which he QRV exactly. It is a beat without former.
I investigated the cause of generating of the beat.  The decrease of generating was able to be traced somehow or other.  A source is PC which I use.
A beat will also be lost if PC is suspended.  PC was stopped and the signal of E51NOU was looked for last evening.
1821khz was heard from 1030z time.  After a while, CQ can be heard.  The call sign is announcing E51NOU. The signal of E51NOU was able to be checked at last.  However, his signal is accompanied by QSB.  It stops being able to hear at the bottom of QSB.
Few people who can be heard as usual are firing CQ in rapid succession so that there may be.  It called, when the signal was becoming somewhat strong.  several times -- when called, there was a return, but the last was not able to be checked by QSB.
Is QSO materialized?
Although it was well audible till 1130z time, it became weak and stopped being able to hear after that.  It will be set to New ONE if QSO is made.

19 October, 2013

The back is a few.

Hi all, many thanks for coming my blog.
E51NOU QRV to 160m last evening.  Since it was set to New, it was heard desperately. There are not so many people who E51NOU is QRV and who call comparatively.
Though it was regrettable, I did not fully hear.  It was not set to the level which can be checked enough although the signal had gone up on the way.
Although it was heard for about 2 hours, the signal was not able to be gone up and QSO to the last.
I wish to QSO for him that it is new entity on 160m band.

18 October, 2013

After a long time

Hi all many thanks for coming my blog.

The value of SSN saves triple figures as usual. To a low band, it is without being good. HL5IVL was calling CQ on 160m this morning actively.

If it comes to hear his signal frequently, no less than 160m is season in.

It has QSO with the first EU on a season now this morning. The signal has been gone abruptly up and QSO although it was R3XX, and it was a short time.

Since it is EU after a long time, I am glad.

I wish for condition to be good this weekend.

17 October, 2013

Still SSN is high

Hi all, many thanks for coming my blog.
QRV was not made by typhoon passage yesterday morning.  It passes during the morning and the weather recovers a typhoon in the afternoon.  It can QRV now again from the going-home back.
160m was heard this morning also.  It seems that however, SSN is still high and it is not so good.  SSN this morning shows 148.
Only UR8IW was able to be heard although it was heard for a while this morning also.
When does condition go up?

12 October, 2013

DX this morning

Hi all, mnay thanks for coming my blog.
After a long time, I was QRV on this morning on 160m. This morning SSN was 138. Very high value in this morning.
I can think that condition is not so good since SSN is high when it thinks ordinarily. However, It was different a little in fact.
It is R3XX that it was audible first.  His signal was able to be heard well this morning. But regrettably a short time was often able to be heard.
Although IV3PRK of the pilot station was also able to be heard, it was not so strong here. It seems that condition is still unstable.
Both of QSOs were not made.  Finally it was able to QSO with RD0A at last.
The time when every office is heard is short, and there are few chances.  Before QSY to 40 m, the signal of RT0F which calls IV3PRK was able to be heard very well.

05 October, 2013

DX hunting this morning

Hi all, many thanks for coming my blog.
It was begun this morning also to hear 160 m from 430JST. It seems that condition is better this morning than yesterday.
Several stations have been heard if it is heard carefully.  Although the station which is calling the station which can be taken has sent the good report, I do not hear it well.
My report as follows
YL2SM -> 419 with QSB
OE3DIA -> 419 with QSB
UA9MA -> 559 - 579(The best)
Although it seems that TO2TT was also QRV, it was not audible at all. Probably, it was good that the value of Ap-Index fell to 6 this morning.

03 October, 2013

3D2GC/P on 160m

HI all, many thanks for coming my blog.
It goes home, after going to a training gym last evening. If 160m is heard after supper, the fairly powerful signal is heard.
It is not JA from the strength of a signal.
That signal has ups and downs by QSB, it is audible by about 559.  The callsigne is 3D2GC/P and QSX UP1. That time, the band was opend for the North America with Asia. Therefore, some US stations called him on up1.
It seems that however, not only North America but the station in Asia is picked up. I also called on the frequency of 1.01KHz UP.
When called several times, there was a return. Time was 1158Z.

This time zone is good for QSO with a Pacific area.  If late to a slight degree, a day will rise at Azuma of the Pacific Ocean.
160m is heard still now, where cannot be heard this morning.

01 October, 2013

Matching BOX

HI all, mnay thanks for coming my blog.
Since condition was not so good, it maneuvered after a long time.  If it says what was created this time ... It is the matching BOX of MLA.

Although the books which are consulted were seldom found, it made as written to the data found at last.
Does it succeed sure enough?  It does not understand, if it does not do. I think that he wants to make it complete before a full-scale season starts.
OE3XMA was heard well this morning also.  However, it does not arrive.