03 October, 2013

3D2GC/P on 160m

HI all, many thanks for coming my blog.
It goes home, after going to a training gym last evening. If 160m is heard after supper, the fairly powerful signal is heard.
It is not JA from the strength of a signal.
That signal has ups and downs by QSB, it is audible by about 559.  The callsigne is 3D2GC/P and QSX UP1. That time, the band was opend for the North America with Asia. Therefore, some US stations called him on up1.
It seems that however, not only North America but the station in Asia is picked up. I also called on the frequency of 1.01KHz UP.
When called several times, there was a return. Time was 1158Z.

This time zone is good for QSO with a Pacific area.  If late to a slight degree, a day will rise at Azuma of the Pacific Ocean.
160m is heard still now, where cannot be heard this morning.

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