12 October, 2013

DX this morning

Hi all, mnay thanks for coming my blog.
After a long time, I was QRV on this morning on 160m. This morning SSN was 138. Very high value in this morning.
I can think that condition is not so good since SSN is high when it thinks ordinarily. However, It was different a little in fact.
It is R3XX that it was audible first.  His signal was able to be heard well this morning. But regrettably a short time was often able to be heard.
Although IV3PRK of the pilot station was also able to be heard, it was not so strong here. It seems that condition is still unstable.
Both of QSOs were not made.  Finally it was able to QSO with RD0A at last.
The time when every office is heard is short, and there are few chances.  Before QSY to 40 m, the signal of RT0F which calls IV3PRK was able to be heard very well.

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