20 October, 2013


Hi all, many thanks for coming my blog.
E51NOU is QRV from few days before to 160m.  However, his signal cannot be heard easily.
The beat has appeared in the frequency which he QRV exactly. It is a beat without former.
I investigated the cause of generating of the beat.  The decrease of generating was able to be traced somehow or other.  A source is PC which I use.
A beat will also be lost if PC is suspended.  PC was stopped and the signal of E51NOU was looked for last evening.
1821khz was heard from 1030z time.  After a while, CQ can be heard.  The call sign is announcing E51NOU. The signal of E51NOU was able to be checked at last.  However, his signal is accompanied by QSB.  It stops being able to hear at the bottom of QSB.
Few people who can be heard as usual are firing CQ in rapid succession so that there may be.  It called, when the signal was becoming somewhat strong.  several times -- when called, there was a return, but the last was not able to be checked by QSB.
Is QSO materialized?
Although it was well audible till 1130z time, it became weak and stopped being able to hear after that.  It will be set to New ONE if QSO is made.

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