31 December, 2013

Last day

This is a last post in this year.

Last day in this year, I start listened top band as usual time at 0500 local time. ( 2000z ) The band condition was same as usual. Not bad, not good. It is so so.

At first, I heard the CQ, but cannot copy call sign as all. I copied only 3RF. Who is 3RF? I still hear that freq who is on air?

That QRV station was finished QSO and send to call sign.  His call sign is SV3RF. It is correct call sign. On the band, Only his signal can be heard. And his signal is good and stable. So it started the pileup from EU with JA.

Many stations continue calling him. How long pass to the time. Almost stations called finish. I still calling then I received return to my call. It took about 25 minutes.
Another one, I QSO for HA9RE. He was very weak in this morning, so It seemed that he did not notice him wholly.  He still calling CQ. I call to him. I already QSO to him, so he understood my call. So easy return. But I received my signal report was 449.  He had good ear, I think so.

Then, hearing it was continued till sunrise time.  However, almost DX signal were not go up. Still weak. I copied DX call as follows.


Many thanks for all,  see you on the top band next year also.

30 December, 2013

This morning

I wake up this morning at 6 o'clock here. It was to late. I usually wake up at 0430 o'clock when I started watch the top band.

However, this morning to late.  The band condition is still no good. Almost nothing the DX signal on the band. Almost no JA was also this morning.

Start of this month, the band was busy. However, recent of the band that it was very quiet. This morning also. I found the only a few stations.

There were S51V, DK1NO, and R7378TM. S51V was heard almost everyday. His signal was stable. Another signal had a lot go QSB, but he had a little. This morning also. His signal heard about 10 minutes. Another signal less than 5 minutes. Very first fade out on the band.

 After all, nothing was able to be heard even if sunrise time came. Till when does this state continue?

However, I continue challenging a top band.


29 December, 2013

Reconstruction of Priselector

Since condition was not so good, preselector was converted.

The reconstruction part added the galvanic isolator to the input side, and suppressed inflow of the noise. 

Moreover, it enabled it to also choose a preamplifier of 10 dB for rectifying, when an antenna with few profits is connected. 

The characteristic of a preselector is as follows. 

28 December, 2013

Still no good

The temp is down. Very cold in this morning. The top band noise floor was high in this morning.

I wake up to late this morning.  I hear the band start. However, this morning also yesterday situation.

I think the band condition go down. If I heard the DX signal that it was weak with QSB.

This morning here, the most strongest signal was IV3PRK, other signal was unstable.

Therefore, this morning also short time operation.

27 December, 2013

It did what?

This morning. The day when San electric wave dose not fall.

I heard the top band as usual same time. However, nothing heard, nothing.

But few JA stations called to DX, so maybe the DX station is QRV on the band.   However, an electric wave dose not fall to my place. The fragment of a signal cannot be heard.

Such a state is a long time.

The condition of a weekend is worrisome.

26 December, 2013


Last weekend from until this week.  Wonderful holiday season for everyone. In Japan, this weekend will star new year holiday until 5th Jan 2014.

This morning, the band condition was improved. In early morning here, XW0YJY was QRV on top band and called CQ QSX up1.

This signal was good and stable. Usually, very difficult copy there place from here. Recently HS station was QRV on this band almost everyday. But that signal was weak and difficult copy that.

However, XW is near HS land. But this morning was different situation. Very easy audible. Therefore, XW0YJY was finish CQ call, then a lot of stations call up 1kHz.

But, XW0YJY still calling CQ and endorses repeat. Why he was no answer for everyone. I think he has problem.  That is two case. One is very high noise floor. Almost received DX signal under the noise level. Another one is Rig trouble. Which is this case? I don't know.

I know, nothing QSO for him.

See you weekend in SPT.

25 December, 2013

Sadly not hear

This morning I heard about 30 minutes on top band. However,  nothing can be heard, nothing can completely be heard.

As same as the Rig or antenna broken.

After 30 minutes, I found the weak signal in the noise floor. That was IV3PRK. Only one his signal on the band.

Times up. I was QRT in this morning. Where was not able to be QSO this morning.

24 December, 2013

Which Rig is the best ?

What do you think? Which Rig is the best in 160m operation.

I used IC-7700 now. It is very good user interface. ACC I/F is also unified from all the model. Therefore, even if ACC changes a model, it become usable.

Since I also operate digital mode, I am continuing using IC-7700. Other Rig will be used if it is only CW mode.

I have other transceivers. There are TenTec ORION and Elecraft K2. Both Rig are wonderful and especially the characteristic of AGC is good.

Japanese-model rig is differed from clearly. Although it is said that the characteristic of K3 is wonderful these days, however, I dislike the place where things and operativity with a small knob are bad.

Individually, I likes ORION at the receiving characteristic and operativity.  I am sorry to already be erased from a catalog although I like ORION II actually.

Which Rig do you recommend ?

Nothing can be heard

Hi all, Happy Merry Christmas.

Today is happy day, but the top band condition is still no good. Early morning here at 0400 o'clock (1900z). The band was very quiet. Nothing DX signal in the band.

However, the band noise level was very low. If DX signal come here, I find it very easy. But not yet come here.

Path to half hour. At last, I found DX signal that it was 9A3 station. That was very weak and a lot of QSB had.  After 5 minutes, That signal fade away.

Near at 2000z, I found a few stations signal. But there were anything weak signal. Only S51V was strong.

However, the good state did not continue for a long time.

After 6 o'clock local time. I went to work.
I wish to good condition on SPT in this weekend.

23 December, 2013

Still no good condition

It seems that the value of SSN is higher than yesterday and the condition of a low band is not good. Therefore, I got up somewhat later and did this morning.

Condition is bad as expected and the signal of DX can hardly be heard.  The 110RAEM series which can be heard always strongly is also too weak this morning.

Some JA station called that, but that still calling CQ. The path was not so good between JA to Europe. It seemed that you were suffering troubles considerably.

However, although the signal of weak EA3JE is not so strong, it is stabilized and it is always heard. There is certainly a return also to the call from JA. Only this path was stable.

After all, while condition had been bad, even if sunrise time came, the signal of DX was not able to be heard.

Hi all, Merry Christmas and Happy new year 2014.

22 December, 2013

Condition and 9A contest this morning

9A contest was carried out in the traditional band this morning.  On 40m had a lot of stations on the air and called CQ test.

However, On 160m was very quiet. I think, this morning the band condition was bad. Usually I can hear the some DX signals on the band. but today, nothing in early morning.

I still watch the band. How long heard?

The signal of UP0L was able to be heard at last. However, it is weakly accompanied by QSB. In when is it clearly different?

Pass to 5 0'clock local time (2000z), usually DX signal is up and stable that signal. but today, not yet. Still weak with QSB.

Although the station which has participated in 9A contest also by Top band is, important 9A can be heard only the signal of 9A5W.

Since condition did not go up after all, either, it QRT a little early this morning. Did the minimum morning come?

What is it how tomorrow?

21 December, 2013

Russian 160m Contest

19, Dec 2100z started Russian 160m contest. In this morning, I heard the top band at 1930z. The band was not enough opened.

However, I found the few stations in the band that there were not strong signals.  he station found first was R6AF.  It has come out of this office also to 40m well.

After 2030z,  The station of 110RAEM series was able to begin to be heard.  By the very powerful signal, this series is stabilized and is heard.  Although other U zones have much QSB, 110RAEM series is stable.

Although QSO was not made, it could hear the signal of many stations and was able to enjoy it.

19 December, 2013

Top band this morning

This morning the weather is rain. Not to strong, but still continue it.

I heard the top band from as usual time.  Before 2000z, almost not hear. I found only one station that it was S51V. Not to strong with QSB. That signal was fade out in about 5 mini.

After 2000z, the European U zone area and East Europe area were opened. A lot of DX signals came here that someone was strong, someone was weak.

As same time, JA top bander also QRV started.  The small pileup started in some places.

Condition seems to be better than yesterday.  I have communicated several stations in this morning.

18 December, 2013

It has recovered?

Hi all

A new low pressure is approaching Japan. This morning it is always somewhat a little bit warm.

The band situation is good, it is very low noise and no atmospheric interference.

However, before 2000z( 500 local time) I cannot found DX signal. Some JA stations called CQ that their was very active.

At around 2000z, I found the weak signal. That was HS0ZXK. He called CQ listening up 2. I looking for DX station up 2khz. But cannot hear.

Then, time takes for passing and the signal of DX was able to be hear.

I found the some HA stations. HA0NAR signal was very very strong. As same as Asian stations signal. Maybe the best signal in this morning.

Finally I found OE6ADD's CQ at 2030z. I call to him many times. However he said that my signal had QSB . So difficult copied there,  no contact.

Oh at the 2035z, times up. I must prepare of attendance. I turn off my IC-7700.

I think,  it seems that slight condition has been recovered. Tomorrow is pleasure.

17 December, 2013

This weekend

I got the Russian 160m contest information from Topband ML.  This contest will start at 2000-2400UTC December 20 in this year.

I am interested in this contest that I read the general rules.  However, I understand. I will be not able to join this contest.

Because this contest has 2 categories only. That is mix mode SO and MS.

Since SSB is not permitted in a topband in Japan, it cannot join in a contest.

Off cause, CW mode only will be no problem. However, it could not QSO with many station.

Anyway, I hear the topband during the weekend.

Situation of this morning

Hello all.

This morning here, no wind and quiet. Big different weather it compare yesterday morning.

However, the band condition as same as yesterday. In early time, nothing in the band. At 1945z(445 local time) I found SN20SOT on 1821. That not to strong signal but stable that it. So I can copy his message.

An another one. UA1CE also called CQ on 1823. His signal had QSB, so sometimes lost his signal.

The 160m is very fun and interesting. On 40m, 30m also, UA1 and SP land is not so far the place.  So UA1 and SP are almost same signal levels that their came here.

However, 160m is different. If two stations as same as freq on QRV . But if there is not near place. It can QRV and no QRM maybe.

The top band is special band, I think so.
So I am interested in top band and like it.

16 December, 2013

Start for new week

Last weekends, here was a strong wind blowed. And solar activity is still high level.

This morning here, I looking for DX station on the top band. However, the band was very quiet early time. I did not found the DX signal on the band.

Before 5 o'clock here. I found the 2stations on the band. One of RW0CF, he called DX station without for JA band plan. But I can not heard his called station.

And another one was OH3XR. His signal had a lot of QSB that it QSB cycle was very first. I heard his signal that it only less than 10min. After that, his signal fade out for under the noise.

After 5 o'clock. Few EU-UA stations signal  heard. RW110RAEM was strong. So many JA stations called him. That near the freq. RA3AGF was QRV, however not so strong his signal with QSB. So only few stations called.

Oh just times up. I will prepare for the work. I stopped watching the band. After that the band will grow up or not, I don't know.

I understand, the band condition was not so good.

15 December, 2013

Weekly heard report 8.DEC - 14.DEC

2015Z  HA0NAR   1815.9

0948Z  T32RC  1811
1916Z  UW1VA  1818.01
2009Z  RA3QK  1820.00
2014Z  LZ2DF  1823.98
2020Z  UA6MF  1825.5
2023Z  RN3CT  1812.66

1938Z  RX110RAEM  1820.49
1939Z  V63XG  1811.1
1947Z  R3GMT  1825.00
2020Z  EW8DJ  1823.5

1947Z  HA1TJ  1822.67
1951Z  S57C  1817.00
2009Z RA3AGF  1817.00
2027Z RA9FA  1821.70
2029Z OZ7YY  1821.70

1927Z  RY110RAEM  1821.47
1952Z  RT0F  1829.94
2021Z  OK2BWM  1817.56
2031Z  RG110RAEM  1824.00
2036Z  IV3PRK  1820.30
2055Z  UA0ACG  1817.00
2104Z  RA9UDK  1813.50
2105Z  HA0NAR  1818.64
2106Z  R3GMT  1824.00
2120Z  OH2XX  1823.40
2121Z  RA0ZN  1817.57
2124Z  UA9AB  1825.21

2030Z  UR5IRM  1819.96
2045Z  RG110RAEM  1825.00
2101Z  RA0FF  1825.00
2103Z  RD110RAEM  1820.00
2118Z  UR4LRG  1818.45

The activity log of my Top band

The activity log of my Top band was investigated.
It QRV for the first time to Top band in May, 2008.
An antenna is Shunt feed. And using Shunt feed is being continued.
Since my site is narrow, a big antenna cannot be built.
Therefore, it is a subject how receiving capability is raised.
The QSO number of these years was 95.
Although Top band was a strange band, it was surprised QRV, then that it can QSO unexpectedly.
The record of QSO is as follows.
2009 203 QSOs
2010 176 QSOs
2011 191 QSOs
2012 135 QSOs
2013 122 QSOs until now
This band is very interesting, and if it becomes winter, he is trying to hear it every day.
This band will be challenged all the time from now on, and it will go.

10 December, 2013

Not so good in this week

last week, it was a very good condition. Everyday I heard a many stations signal on the band from the Europe. I heard about less than 1 hour, however I found the 10 or more stations in the band.
This week comes, condition is falling for a while, and a morning sonority condition is not so good. Yesterday also, An early time zone can hardly be heard. It does not arrive, although it calls with a one-way path even if audible.
If it is past 5:00 in the morning here, the signal of EU can begin to be heard for a while, but it is not strongly.
It stops being able to hear, if QSB is also quite deep and becomes a bottom.
That was recent situation on the top band.

07 December, 2013

Good condition

Hi all, after a long time.

The condition of Top band is maintaining the good state from the end of last month.

Sunrise time is late and a path with EU opens from the time of turning around 5:00 am in time here.

Since the time becomes Gray line exactly, a signal also goes up rapidly. And a state good till sunrise time continues.

It seem that a full season came.

WW160m next year is pleasure.