22 December, 2013

Condition and 9A contest this morning

9A contest was carried out in the traditional band this morning.  On 40m had a lot of stations on the air and called CQ test.

However, On 160m was very quiet. I think, this morning the band condition was bad. Usually I can hear the some DX signals on the band. but today, nothing in early morning.

I still watch the band. How long heard?

The signal of UP0L was able to be heard at last. However, it is weakly accompanied by QSB. In when is it clearly different?

Pass to 5 0'clock local time (2000z), usually DX signal is up and stable that signal. but today, not yet. Still weak with QSB.

Although the station which has participated in 9A contest also by Top band is, important 9A can be heard only the signal of 9A5W.

Since condition did not go up after all, either, it QRT a little early this morning. Did the minimum morning come?

What is it how tomorrow?

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