31 December, 2013

Last day

This is a last post in this year.

Last day in this year, I start listened top band as usual time at 0500 local time. ( 2000z ) The band condition was same as usual. Not bad, not good. It is so so.

At first, I heard the CQ, but cannot copy call sign as all. I copied only 3RF. Who is 3RF? I still hear that freq who is on air?

That QRV station was finished QSO and send to call sign.  His call sign is SV3RF. It is correct call sign. On the band, Only his signal can be heard. And his signal is good and stable. So it started the pileup from EU with JA.

Many stations continue calling him. How long pass to the time. Almost stations called finish. I still calling then I received return to my call. It took about 25 minutes.
Another one, I QSO for HA9RE. He was very weak in this morning, so It seemed that he did not notice him wholly.  He still calling CQ. I call to him. I already QSO to him, so he understood my call. So easy return. But I received my signal report was 449.  He had good ear, I think so.

Then, hearing it was continued till sunrise time.  However, almost DX signal were not go up. Still weak. I copied DX call as follows.


Many thanks for all,  see you on the top band next year also.

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