24 December, 2013

Nothing can be heard

Hi all, Happy Merry Christmas.

Today is happy day, but the top band condition is still no good. Early morning here at 0400 o'clock (1900z). The band was very quiet. Nothing DX signal in the band.

However, the band noise level was very low. If DX signal come here, I find it very easy. But not yet come here.

Path to half hour. At last, I found DX signal that it was 9A3 station. That was very weak and a lot of QSB had.  After 5 minutes, That signal fade away.

Near at 2000z, I found a few stations signal. But there were anything weak signal. Only S51V was strong.

However, the good state did not continue for a long time.

After 6 o'clock local time. I went to work.
I wish to good condition on SPT in this weekend.

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