17 December, 2013

Situation of this morning

Hello all.

This morning here, no wind and quiet. Big different weather it compare yesterday morning.

However, the band condition as same as yesterday. In early time, nothing in the band. At 1945z(445 local time) I found SN20SOT on 1821. That not to strong signal but stable that it. So I can copy his message.

An another one. UA1CE also called CQ on 1823. His signal had QSB, so sometimes lost his signal.

The 160m is very fun and interesting. On 40m, 30m also, UA1 and SP land is not so far the place.  So UA1 and SP are almost same signal levels that their came here.

However, 160m is different. If two stations as same as freq on QRV . But if there is not near place. It can QRV and no QRM maybe.

The top band is special band, I think so.
So I am interested in top band and like it.

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