16 December, 2013

Start for new week

Last weekends, here was a strong wind blowed. And solar activity is still high level.

This morning here, I looking for DX station on the top band. However, the band was very quiet early time. I did not found the DX signal on the band.

Before 5 o'clock here. I found the 2stations on the band. One of RW0CF, he called DX station without for JA band plan. But I can not heard his called station.

And another one was OH3XR. His signal had a lot of QSB that it QSB cycle was very first. I heard his signal that it only less than 10min. After that, his signal fade out for under the noise.

After 5 o'clock. Few EU-UA stations signal  heard. RW110RAEM was strong. So many JA stations called him. That near the freq. RA3AGF was QRV, however not so strong his signal with QSB. So only few stations called.

Oh just times up. I will prepare for the work. I stopped watching the band. After that the band will grow up or not, I don't know.

I understand, the band condition was not so good.

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