23 December, 2013

Still no good condition

It seems that the value of SSN is higher than yesterday and the condition of a low band is not good. Therefore, I got up somewhat later and did this morning.

Condition is bad as expected and the signal of DX can hardly be heard.  The 110RAEM series which can be heard always strongly is also too weak this morning.

Some JA station called that, but that still calling CQ. The path was not so good between JA to Europe. It seemed that you were suffering troubles considerably.

However, although the signal of weak EA3JE is not so strong, it is stabilized and it is always heard. There is certainly a return also to the call from JA. Only this path was stable.

After all, while condition had been bad, even if sunrise time came, the signal of DX was not able to be heard.

Hi all, Merry Christmas and Happy new year 2014.

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