15 December, 2013

The activity log of my Top band

The activity log of my Top band was investigated.
It QRV for the first time to Top band in May, 2008.
An antenna is Shunt feed. And using Shunt feed is being continued.
Since my site is narrow, a big antenna cannot be built.
Therefore, it is a subject how receiving capability is raised.
The QSO number of these years was 95.
Although Top band was a strange band, it was surprised QRV, then that it can QSO unexpectedly.
The record of QSO is as follows.
2009 203 QSOs
2010 176 QSOs
2011 191 QSOs
2012 135 QSOs
2013 122 QSOs until now
This band is very interesting, and if it becomes winter, he is trying to hear it every day.
This band will be challenged all the time from now on, and it will go.

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