30 December, 2013

This morning

I wake up this morning at 6 o'clock here. It was to late. I usually wake up at 0430 o'clock when I started watch the top band.

However, this morning to late.  The band condition is still no good. Almost nothing the DX signal on the band. Almost no JA was also this morning.

Start of this month, the band was busy. However, recent of the band that it was very quiet. This morning also. I found the only a few stations.

There were S51V, DK1NO, and R7378TM. S51V was heard almost everyday. His signal was stable. Another signal had a lot go QSB, but he had a little. This morning also. His signal heard about 10 minutes. Another signal less than 5 minutes. Very first fade out on the band.

 After all, nothing was able to be heard even if sunrise time came. Till when does this state continue?

However, I continue challenging a top band.


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