24 December, 2013

Which Rig is the best ?

What do you think? Which Rig is the best in 160m operation.

I used IC-7700 now. It is very good user interface. ACC I/F is also unified from all the model. Therefore, even if ACC changes a model, it become usable.

Since I also operate digital mode, I am continuing using IC-7700. Other Rig will be used if it is only CW mode.

I have other transceivers. There are TenTec ORION and Elecraft K2. Both Rig are wonderful and especially the characteristic of AGC is good.

Japanese-model rig is differed from clearly. Although it is said that the characteristic of K3 is wonderful these days, however, I dislike the place where things and operativity with a small knob are bad.

Individually, I likes ORION at the receiving characteristic and operativity.  I am sorry to already be erased from a catalog although I like ORION II actually.

Which Rig do you recommend ?

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