26 December, 2013


Last weekend from until this week.  Wonderful holiday season for everyone. In Japan, this weekend will star new year holiday until 5th Jan 2014.

This morning, the band condition was improved. In early morning here, XW0YJY was QRV on top band and called CQ QSX up1.

This signal was good and stable. Usually, very difficult copy there place from here. Recently HS station was QRV on this band almost everyday. But that signal was weak and difficult copy that.

However, XW is near HS land. But this morning was different situation. Very easy audible. Therefore, XW0YJY was finish CQ call, then a lot of stations call up 1kHz.

But, XW0YJY still calling CQ and endorses repeat. Why he was no answer for everyone. I think he has problem.  That is two case. One is very high noise floor. Almost received DX signal under the noise level. Another one is Rig trouble. Which is this case? I don't know.

I know, nothing QSO for him.

See you weekend in SPT.

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