08 May, 2014


Actually now off season on the band. But still operate the petition. Therefore some station try to top band operation.
This season, some JA stations move to Ogasawara Island and QRV to JD1 pfx. 
Yesterday also JD1YBT was active QRV on top band. Of cause there were near place from JA. So very strong.
In this season if DX signal heard almost South East Asia and near Pacific area too.

02 May, 2014

Actually off season

Hi all
I still hear the top band every day. However, the top season was closed.
Sometimes heard the South Eastan Asia. That was DU. Another station can not hear.
Of cause sometimes called CQDX for Asian station. But no return to answer for their.
The next DX expedition will no plan. 
So stop the watch is better.

So everyone see you next season.

20 April, 2014

I heard !

Hi all

I already closed the top band season. So usually heard the band. But never hear DX signal on the band.
However, this morning was different as usual morning. I found a weak signal.
Who is on air ? That was high speed CW that it was entries on the contest. May be new contest that it name is CQ MM contest maybe.
I checked call sign. It had QSB so difficult copy it. How many pass to CQ, don't understand. Finally I copied call sign. It was RT4F. It was the European contest station that it RST was 419 with QSB.
The SSN value was 263, but I can heard top band DX signal. 

It is grate!

18 April, 2014

Nearly 300 of SSN value

Hi all

SSN value is growing up now nearly 300. And SFI also high value. 
Almost people move to high band. Therefore the top band is very very quiet. Nobody no QRV on the band. Actually the band is off season.
I wish to DX expedition. If start DX expedition then many stations QRV on the band. I think so. 
Everybody I listen the band every day. If you will QRV plan have, please inform to me. I will listen your QRV plan day.

14 April, 2014

Not same as yesterday

Hi all

This morning , Already JIDX contest finished. So very quiet on the band.

However, another GC cup was opened . So a few stations called CQ. 
But it was enough opened for the Europe. Today I heard only R3FX.
Asian area was opened. HL5IVL was active in this morning. He called CQ for long time. But not so many returned his CQ.

I heard RK80KEDR, RS80KEDR and RU0LAX. I was QSO for RU0LAX only.
This morning, not same yesterday morning. It bad luck.

13 April, 2014

JIDX contest

Hi all

This weekend started JIDX contest. In this morning here, I checked on top band about condition.
In this morning, the band was good condition. So I heard EU after a long time on top band. 

I heard as follows

UT6UD and UR5IFB were good signals therefore a long time heard their signal.
I was QSO for UR5IFB only.

11 April, 2014

Nearly off season

Hi all

Recently very quiet on top band. Sometimes static noise or lightning noise happen, but actually very quiet. 
Sometimes HL5IVL called CQDX, however   DX stations no return.

Yesterday JD1 on the band. But not so many stations called. 
Nearly off season on top band, I think so.

08 April, 2014

Good open for the South East Asia

Hi all

Yesterday I went home at 2030 local time. I eat a dinner, after that I heard the top band.
The band is very low noise. It hadn't static noise and others. I heard a long time that I 'm not tired of my ear.
The band was opened for the south east Asia.  On 1823kHz, DU7ET was called CQ. But nobody no call that still calling CQ. 
I called that and QSO. Here is 579 his report. Good signal. 

And another one, 9M2AX also CQ on 1831.5KHz. Maybe that time he was looking for US. Not QSX JA band.
That was not so strong that it about 519 with QSB. But I can copy his signal.
In spring season,maybe good open path for north to south. I check the band that I will be able to found the DX signal for Southern area.

07 April, 2014


Hi all

VK9MT was QRT. Last week I looking for it on top band. But there were not able to use the liner amp for top band operation.
Therefore, that signal was very weak. If it had QSB then I listed his signal.
Some JA person found his signal that call to him. However not completed QSO.
Last weekend I got the information about VK9MT DX expedition.
The weather was changed to very bad. The crew feel that this weather is a danger situation. Therefore there start the return preparation quickly.
Last weekend departure from the VK9M Reef.

However, I already QSO on VK9M before DX expedition. Acutely I wish to service for top band of the world.

03 April, 2014

Was VK9MT on air the top band?

Hi all 

Yesterday I went home at 2000 local time. After eat the dinner. I started watch the JT65 mode on 15m band.
The 15m band condition was very good. The heavy and strong wind was stopped last night. So I clank up the my tower and antenna direction beaming to Europe.
Am lot of signal displayed in wsjtx screen. The band was opened for deep side the Europe. I found a few G stations.
There signal was -23dB, but print was no problem. Therefore, I called there soon.
But each stations can not return to me. Almost return to same European side.
I just 30 minutes operated on JT65 mode. I contacted to some stations for the Europe. Maybe more operate will get more station. But I had something to do. So after that, I QRT.
Before watch the 15m, I also watch the 20m a looking for US station. However never found that.

30 March, 2014

This morning situation

Hi all

This morning I heard the band. Here is weather is bad. It is rainy morning. Therefore the band was very noisy.
I heard about less than 10 minutes. Not found EU signals. 
Only HL5IVL CQ called on the band. But nobody return to his CQ.
Other low band also no good condition.

Only high band still good.

29 March, 2014

I heard US signal

Hi all

Yesterday day time, I wrote the one post.  That was about top band condition. Recently not so good propagation I wrote. 
However, last night I heard top band when I heard N7 station on the band. His signal had a little bit QSB. But I can easy copied.
I think, not yet come off season on top band.
I think, I will be able to hear on the band everyday that it is better.

28 March, 2014

Off season?

Hi all

This week, a few days good propagation here at near sun rise time.
Good opened for the Europe.  I heard some DX stations continue 2 days.
However, after a few days, never heard DX signal until now. The DX season go away now?
Maybe the off season will come soon.

26 March, 2014

Today also good

Hi all

Here is very warm in this morning. Temp is about 13 deg C. The spring has come here.  I think, the weather will change to rain maybe .

I also heard top band today at before sun rise time. Today also open for the Europe.

The band condition is good. Low noise level. If the DX signal will come then I can easy found that.

I looking for DX signal on the band. Edge to edge in JA band about a few time.  I found the weak signal. Who is on the air?

Not yet strong. About pass to 5 minutes. The signal go up. I can copy that call sign.

That is HA8DM. That is not so strong. But it is stable signal that I easy copy.

I call to him then return to my call. I completed QSO it.

The top band still open, not yet come for off season.  I will hear the band tomorrow morning.

25 March, 2014

EU opened this morning

Hi all

This morning here, before sun rise. After a long time the EU was opened.

I heard on the band at 0530 local time. Nearly sun rise will come the time. I found the good signal for calling CQ.

Who is calling? I think active JA station calling CQDX . However, I copied call was different JA station.

That call was RW3PZ, it very strong signal coming with little QSB. But I can perfect copy. Finish the his CQ, but never call to him. I call to him quickly.

Return to my call. I pleaded. After a long time QSO for EU.

And another pileup found. That was SM1ALH on the air. Some JA stations called him. However , he was not so strong. But also perfect copy can.

I just only 5 minutes heard on the band. But I found the DX signal today. It was very lucky.

I stop the operation that I prepare the work. After go out home to my office.

Maybe this morning here, more DX signal can hear until sin rise after 30minutes.

23 March, 2014

W1AW/5 and W1AW/KH2

Hi all

After a long time, this evening here, I heard the top band. Because I checked DX cluster when I found the ZL7AAA call on 1815KHz

I checked on 1815KHz, however I not found that call. Near 1815.6KHz another strong station is QRV and QSX up. Who is on the air now, I listen when it send the call sign.

Ok, I copy that call. That is W1AW/KH2. I understand why that signal is strong. It is very near place from Japan. Now many station calling that.

Another one call sign I found. That was on the air out of JA freq on 1826.5KHz. That station calling CQ and QSX DWN3.

That call is also W1AW special station. It is W1AW/5. This station signal is not so strong. but very stable signal. Recently the top band condition was unstable. very noisy if DX signal found that it had a lot of QSB. So DX signal was unstable.

However, today very good and stable signal coming here. And it still acing CQ. I try to contact for that. I call it, but not correct copy of 1st time. I send my call a few times. OK no problem, that copy my correct call.

After a long time I contact for DX station on top band. Today very happy.

18 March, 2014


Hi all

After a long time. Recently the high band condition was very good. Now still keep that condition.

So everybody move to high band that the top band was very quiet.

Last night here, I heard the band after a long time. The band had one JA station.  That station was QSO. Where was he contact? I still heard his QSO.

All right, I understand. His QSO station was AA0RS. He finished QSO. I still keep that freq.

After that AA0RS called CQ. That signal was not so strong, but stable signal and low noise level.

I can easy copy his CQ, however, my antenna had problem so I can not call to him. It just only hear.

I understand, everyday the band was opened. But almost people cannot open the band think by theirselves. So everyone move to other bands.

Actually the band was open that it different stable or unstable. That's all.

10 March, 2014


HI all.

In this morning here, as same as recent condition. Not so good, but not very bad. In this morninig before sunrise,  UT22UA calling CQ on JA band edge.

Signa was not strong ,but it can copy. Therefore, JA station called him a lot of times. However, the path is one way that he still called CQ. No return to JA.

How long copy here?  it is 30 minutes or more heard.

It was only this one station that it was audible this morning.

09 March, 2014


Hi all.

Yesterday night, XV7BM was QRV on 1815KHz QSX UP2. That time, very good signal with QSB. So many tJA stations called him. UP 1.7 to 2.0KHz

However,  He still called CQ and sometimes return. Maybe there had a lot of tropical noise. It was very high level noise, so almost signal can not over the noise level.

This morning also same freq was QRV. But not so strong. It better for night time.  He is very active on top band. but very difficult contact for him for standard station. If good antenna or more power. Maybe it can over the noise level.

We must over the noise at first. Bad luck, I can not over the noise. I have not good antenna and more power. I will wait the good condition come. It mean low noise days.

When come that, I don't know. So everyday must heard.

08 March, 2014

It is an off-season soon

Hi all

Sunrise time has become early considerably recently. Since a solar activity is also active, condition is not so good.

Although the Pacific Ocean side can be heard, morning Europe stopped occasionally, being able to hear not much.

It is an off-season soon. Since operate of 4S7 is also planned this month, only hear continues.

05 March, 2014

YJ0ZZ QSL arrived

Hi all

Yesterday I checked LoTW. Many QSL arrived LoTW. I found YJ0ZZ in my arrived list.

That is QSO on 160m in last month. That was YJ0OU and YJ0ZZ two stations QRV, however not so strong each signals. First YJ0OU was very actives. But I didn't QSO.

One day, very good open path for YJ when YJ0ZZ was QRV that time. It different signal strings before condition.

It only one chance that I got QSO for him.
 YJ is not new one on 160m, but I was pleased QSO on top band.

03 March, 2014

Last night

Hi all

Last night here, the band condition was changed. I think the band condition was improved. Maybe.

Last week, everyday heard V73MW on 1820.5kHz QSX up2. However, everyday weak signal. Some persons called him, but so many.

Almost people cannot complete copy his signal. That had some QSB. Of course condition was not so good.

But last evening, not as same last week. V73MW operated on 1820.5kHz QSX up2 also. It signal was strong. It very easy copy his signal. Really it same station on last week, isn't it? Of course V7 is not far from JA. However, since it was always weak, it is a different thing today.

I called up2, however he was still calling CQ. Why? Maybe he didn't hear up2 kHz. I try to another freq that is up 1.95kHz for few times.

That right, return to my call. It is correct.  I got V73MW on top band.
This morning, I check the WWV report. Most important proton flux value is go down. And K-index is 0. Maybe this week improve the condition on top band I think so.

01 March, 2014

This morning situation

This morning, the solar activity is still high. Especially Proton Flux goes up as same as January in this year.

Last time, communication was down on all bands. So in this month, as same as situation will come.

However, in this morning. The band was opened a short time.

I looking for DX on the band that I found the QSO for JA to EU.

DX call was UT6UD that his signal was not so strong. But I can copy.

However, this situation cannot keep long time. About less than half hour, that signal hose down after that fead out.

Here now Spring season come. I wish to stable condition.

26 February, 2014

Good open in this morning

Hi all

After a long time the band is open. How long continue band situation that I don't know.

This morning, the SSN value is 205 and SFI is over 170.  This value is good condition for high band. Actually 40m and 30m bands was no good condition recently.

However, this morning suddenly the band is open.

I check the band that HL5IVL only called CQ a few times. The first, not yet return to his CQ. But pass to 5 o'clock local time. Somebody call to HL5IVL. I can not copy that. Certain it stay in that freq.

Pass to a few minutes. The signal go up. That was OH station, I understand. Ok the band is open now. After that I found the UY0ZG CQ signal. It was very strong with QSB. But I can copy his signal sure.

OE3DIA signal also coming. Some JA stations understood that the band was open. Then each station start the CQDX.

Bad luck, the times over. I start the prepare for work. Maybe still keep open until sunrise.

22 February, 2014


Hi all

 Recently, the solar activity was very high. So low band was very unstable and everyday nothing found the DX signal.

However, Activity was down now. But now N7OU and NE7D are stay in YJ island. Last week they were stated operation from YJ island. The call is YJ0OU and YJ0ZZ.

Last week, I heard YJ0OU on the band. but condition was not so good and that signal was weak. So I contacted to him yet.

This evening, on 1823kHz had pileup from JA. on 1822kHz it QRV YJ0ZZ in this evening. That signal also weak with QSB. But I can copy his signal about 319 to 529.

The QSB also very first cycle, so if drop the signal but less than one minute the signal is up.

Many JA station call to him, but some station can  not copy his return. However, many times he calling CQ and QSX up.

I call to him up 0.98KHz. Almost people call on UP 1KHz or over. I am low power station,so if call as same freq for big stations.  The big stations signal cover my signal, therefor my signal is lost.

So I can call to different point for everyone call freq.

How long call to him. don't know. but Suddenly return to my call. Oh my god. It's lucky.

I QSO for YJ0ZZ in this evening.  however, YJ is not new one.


18 February, 2014

Bad condition

Hi all
Recent few day's the band condition was no good. SFI value was high and A-Index also high.

So band was very quiet. YJ0OU can QRV on other band. Maybe if the top band Is QRV then a little bit answer for his CQ.

I heard the band at morning here on everyday. But not hear the DX signal from Europe.

When the good condition will come?

14 February, 2014


Hi all

Last night YJ0OU was QRV on top band. It is operated by N7OU that he is very active from the Pacific area. Last time I was QSO from E5.

Yesterday the SFI value was still high value. So very noisy on the band. His signal it so so strong. However, the band noise floor was high with little bit QSB. So difficult copy his signal.

However, he is operate from YJ until 25th in this month. Therefore, we will get a chance for QSO by him.

13 February, 2014

It's true

Hi all

I just check again FT5ZM log search. It is final update for close the base camp.

I found the QSO on top band.  In 10th morning here. FT5ZM signal was very strong. Almost people said, it was pirate. Because, many people QSO for that time.
However, log was update but not include top band QSO. After QSO for other bands. Almost include new logs. Only nothing the top band.

So almost people said. It was pirate. Bad luck.  Next day, the signal was very weak. And after one day finish the expedition.
Almost people think, it will try next chance.

However, this morning one more update log search. I check again my QSO.  Then  I found the ident mark of 160m.
That was not pirate. It is true.

Very happy now. Thanks expedition team.

SFI is high

Hi all

Recently the SFI value is very high.  The SSN was up and down. Last week, the SSN was over 200, but now about 150.

However, SFI is still keep high value. Almost over 150. So top band condition is not so good.

This morning also, if DX signal come here. But very weak with QSB. And if open the path then very short time. That about less than 10 minutes. Only one call chance. Of lost of chance, next chance doesn't come.

I heard the band about 30 minutes, however I found only one DX station. It is only one. It is true.

Not so good on the band under high SFI value.

11 February, 2014

Yesterday's operation was a pirate.

Hi all

Yesterday morning here, very good signal came here from FT5ZM on top band.  That time,  a lot of station QSO for FT5ZM. But the log update now. that top band QSO was not include. All the people not in the log.

Now, on the Internet, it is being crowded with the news that it was a pirate, about this affair.  The weak signal was always very strong. It was better than condition. Since it was the strength of the unusual signal when considering now, he has noticed the pirate.

A regrettable result was brought.

10 February, 2014

Good signal from FT5ZM

HI all
 Last week, FT5ZM signal was not so good. That signal was weak everyday with QSB. So many JA station wait for good condition will come.

Everyday heard on 1826.5KHz for many JA stations. but no chance everyday.

However, this morning was different before last week. This morning at 6 o'clock locate time.
FT5ZM signal was strong and stable about 10 minutes. I heard first time of good signal from FT5ZM. Really same signal before last week.

So many station got the chance that big pileup start that time. Maybe many station got the QSO in this morning.

FT5ZM will QRT soon. I wish one more chance.

06 February, 2014

What happen

Hi all

The SSN value goes up in this morning here. The value is 183. 20 or more points up from yesterday.

Therefore, this morning I did not found DX signal on the band. Very high noise flor level.

Nothing signal on the band, only noise.

This high SSN value will keep hold on this weekend. Almost people move to high band. Also FT5ZM will mainly operate for high band.

I did not get it yet on top band.

05 February, 2014


This morning, I looking for FT5ZM on the band. But not found. However, some EU station called FT5ZM around 1822.5KHz.

So FT5ZM was QRV on the band that here was not open path for FT/z area.

I looking for DX on the band.  I found the 4K6FO's CQ. but weak his signal. I still heard his CQ when I wait his signal going up.

At 5:20 local time. His signal gose up with QSB. I called his QSX freq. I called a few times. Return to my call from him. However, he miss copy my call. So I send to many times my call.

Maybe my signal had QSB, so he difficult copy my call. Last call to missed. I send again ...

Pass to 10 minutes, fainaly he correct copy my call. I am very pleased. Because 4K is my first time contact on top band.

Now I went back to my home. after that I connect LoTW server on ARRL. I confirmed 4K6FO QSL on LoTW. I am very happy now.

It came suddenly then

Hi all

This morning, still no good condition. In early time here that the band was quiet also yesterday.

FT5ZM was QRV inform from DX cluster. However, I cannot heard that signal. So band was quiet that it had only noise.

The time pass to 5 o'clock local time. Suddenly, the signal of EA3JE emerged. It is a sudden the rise just like a submarine.
Signal strength can also be heard by 599.

However, this situation cannot keep a long time. After 10minutes, his signal is go down with QSB.  It was the good touch which became good momentarily.

EU was able to begin to be heard a little after that.

The top band is a magic band too.

04 February, 2014

Bad condition

Hi all

This morning the band was very noises. FT5ZM was no QRV in this morning here, so the band was quiet.

But if FT5ZM is QRV, I cannot found his signal. Such as bad noise level.

About 15 minutes I looking for DX on the band. However, I found 8S0DX only.

That signal also, if noise level to down, I found. But high noise came here. I lost his signal.

So very bad condition in this morning here.

02 February, 2014

XW8BM again

Hi all

This morning here, the band condition was poor.  I did not found European DX signals in this morning.

However, FT5ZM signal came here with deep QSB. But not so strong. Sometimes I called him, but no return.

At 530 local time. Today also XW8BM was QRV on 1812.5KHz.  But signal was not so strong. Yesterday of condition was better.
Yesterday also, there were very high noise level maybe. So XW8BM was only  called CQ. Many JA station called up 2KHz.

Bad luck, no return from XW8BM. After 15 minutes XW8BM signal fade out on that freq.

Probably, QSO was not materialized although many stations called this morning also.

01 February, 2014

Gray line path

Hi all.

This mornig also, I looking for DX on the band. This morning WWV report as follows.
SSN :112, A-Index :3, K-Index: 1, Aurora:1

So I started listen on the band when already the band had 2 pileup groups. The one is FT5ZM around 1824KHz, another one is 3B8/HB9ARY around 1814KHz. Each pileup was also big.

However, I do not hear well as usual.

This morning the band was different as usuall. That was the North pole area. OH3XR signal was good and stable.  As same as Asian station. I was surprised very much.

In addition, the signal of LA1MFA which can always be heard hardly was also able to be heard this morning. For me, it is surprising.

After 6 o'clock in local time. Lower edge pileup was change to XW8BM. XW8BM is JA8BMK operat from Laos. As usual, this signal also very weak. This morning also 419 to 519 report in this here.

But at 6:35 local time, The signal went up suddenly.  It seems that it passes over sunrise and went into Gray Line.

The signal was up and really 599. The pileup increased violence.  However, 5 minutes afterward, the signal fell rapidly and became quite weak.

It seems that the signal descended rapidly since the edge of Gray Line was started somehow.

Communication in Gray Line was important, or has checked in the situation this morning.

30 January, 2014


Hi all

 This morning, I heard the top band to late. Because recent condition was not so good. Yesterday also, I heard but I didn't find DX on the band.

However, this morning already start big pileup for JA on around 1822khz. Who is on the air?

I looking for DX signal, after that I understand. This is sprit operation. Where is on the air for main station. I check freq fir up.

Oh one JA station call to DX out of JA band plan.  That is off band. But I understand who is on the air.

Now FT5ZM on the air. But very weak signal. I difficult copy that signal. That direction is dead point from my QTH. So I wasn't contact for VK9X and VK9Y yet now.

FT5ZM direction as same as VK9X and Y. Therefore, I will be not able to contact for there. But before I was contact VQ9LA. So I have a little bit chance for the contact there. Anyway, I wish to contact for that. I will try it. Never give up.

29 January, 2014

SSN goes down

Hi all

Yesterday from until now. The solar activity to down. The SSN value was 62. It is less than half before last week.

This morning, I heard the band. It was very quiet. I just heard when I found V63DX only on the band. He calling CQ, but not so many returns.

I continue looking for DX. I found very weak signal on 1813khz. I copied CQ but no copy call sign. Who is on the air?

I copied DK•••• however cannot complete.

Suddenly start JA pileup on 1813khz. But their were not call to DK station. Their called 3B8 station on 1812khz.  So confused on 1813khz.

After ten mini it's the pileup group move to 1814khz. However. I cannot copy 3B8 original signal. Maybe my poor antenna system cannot detect weak signal and South-West direction is dead point for my antenna system.

28 January, 2014

After contest

Hi all
The CQ160m test finished after 1day. This morning heard on the band.

It was very different situation in today. Almost not heard DX signal. But on 1813khz, a lot of JA stations called for DX. But I cannot heard DX signal, so where the on air now? I don't know.

Many station called on 1813khz, at the another freq on 1818.5khz. V63DX calling CQ, but a few stations call to him. So many times calling CQ.

This morning SSN is 109, A-Index 6, K-Index 1. I think not so bad condition.  But actually not hear at the before 0500 o'clock local time.

After 5 o'clock, the band condition slowly up. A few DX signal coming. I found the UY5VA and IK0 stations.

However, times over. I must preparation for the work. I shut down the power of my transceiver. Bad luck. The condition up to late. If before one hour up to the condition, I can QSO for DX stations.

Finally I enjoyed contest and many thanks for QSO stations. I contacted for 67QSOs. I think, if I have super station and big antenna system. It is enough QSO. But actually I have only one shunt feed antenna with IC-7700. It is good result for my system,

So everyone, see you next on the band.

26 January, 2014

CQ160m contest

CQ160m contest started yesterday.

Evening time here, the North American path was opened. I heard the a lot of US stations from 5 and 0 areas. Normally very easy can heard the west corset. But yesterday better for middle of US.

Many JA stations called to HD2A on the band. The South American path was open a very short time. Therefore, if SA stations signal heard then start the big pileup from JA.

After that in this morning. Also very good open for the Europe. The narrow band width covered DX signals. The DX signal is stable and strong. European stations signal as same as Asian stations. Really strong.

However, the Europe area had the many QRM, I think so. So if signal was strong then I called that. but no return still called CQ test. Some JA station as same situation. Here hear no QRM and clear signal. but there were very QRM maybe.

I QSO for 35 stations. Many US and UA stations. In this evening also I will try to contest and looking for SA station.

25 January, 2014

Still keep good condition

HI all. The top band condition still keep good. This morning, I was wake up to late at 0500 local time.That was 2000z.

 The band was already opened and heard a lot of DX signals. Maybe almost stations were final check their equipment and antenna systems.

 I was very surprised that EA3JE signal was very strong.  As same as the Asian stations signal. Is this true or not. That was pilate or not. But the keying  style was original. Different for other DX stations. That was himself. No pirate.

 I heard lists as follows. not to all QSO.

So already started CQ160m contest today. I am pleased . I wish to meet new one.

see you on the band for everyone.

24 January, 2014

Before CQ160m contest

Hi all

This morning here, the band was very good propagation. Recent few days, the band condition was not so good and unstable here. If I heard DX signal that it was not to keep good situation. Very short time opened.

However, this morning was big different before today. I heard the band at 0430 local time (1930z). At the first I found the good signal. That was 4O3A. It was very nice signal and stable his signal.

I am very surprised at his signal.  And I found the a lot of DX signal on the band in this morning. Therefore many station on the band.

Maybe the CQ160m contest will come on this weekend. So everybody can check their equipment or the adjustment for antenna systems.

Here is Friday morning. This morning very good condition. This condition can keep to the contest or not. Everyone don't know. The god know only. But I wish keep this condition until next Monday morning.

23 January, 2014

North America

Yesterday night I heard the DX signal from US. That was a after long time DX signal from US.

I looking for DX around the Pacific area at 1200z. XW is on the air or not. Actually HS was the on air, but XW was not.

I still heard the band. I found the CQ on 1822.2khz. That was good signal as same as the Asian stations signal.

It was N7XM called CQ. After a long time I heard the US stations signal. How long not hear on this band ?

However, I heard a only his signal. Other nothing. But I heard that, so I will pleased this weekend condition. Because thus weekend will start CQ160m contest that I wish a lot of station QRV in the contest.

22 January, 2014


JA8BMK inform to W3UR/4. He posted this information to top band ML.

JA8BMK finished antenna setup of top band. It was inverted L antenna.

He started operation at 1900Z 21. Jan. However, JA8BMK said. That operation place has a lot of noise. So noise level is very high. Maybe very difficult copy DX signal.

His information time at 0400 22.Jan here local time. I listened his inform freq on 1812.5khz.

But I heard only noise. I cannot found his signal. Actually he was on air or not, I don't know.

Please who is inform this matter and post to top band ML.

21 January, 2014

How isn't condition?

CQ160m contest will come in this weekend. Recently, the band condition was still no good. Very unstable.

The solar activity was still active. SSN and A or K each index value was high.

Therefor if the DX signal heard but weak with QSB had. And the path was very short time open. Rally only one chance for my poor system.

I wish the good condition in this weekend and a lot of DX signal coming here. I am pleased this weekend. I hope get a new one.

19 January, 2014


The strong wind was blowing in the daytime today. Ham radio cannot be operat. So free time was made and the antenna part was made in free time.

That was matching box for magnetic loop antenna.

However, since it is cold every day, manufacture of a main part cannot be performed easily.
Completing is likely to become the spring of an off-season.


The top band condition was still no good. This morning also I looking for DX signal. But not found in JA band.

At 0600 o'clock local time. On 1830.1 I found the DX signal. Not so strong. however, it can be heard. That was 4K6FO. He is very active station on top band.

Time took for passing and the signal became somewhat strong.  But He send to contest number. Maybe It seems that he has participated in the contest.
Therefore, there was no chance to contact this morning. 

18 January, 2014

Situation this morning

 Hi all.

Recently, still not so good condition on the band. If the band was opend but ot to keep long time. It was very short time for the band opend.

This morning also, I heard start at 0440 local time. LY7M was just started CQ called. His signal was very good and strong today. I waited finish his CQ. after that I was called him.

He send to my report. I am very surprised. He send to 599 report. Normaly the best is 579. Not yet received 599 in the normal QSO. If in the contest, that is only 599.

However, his signal cannot to keep for long time. Signal to down, but although the signal fell, it could be heard and did not become that there is nothing.

Other heard station was HA1TJ and UA4CR. Just only 3stations in this morning.

However, maybe the band condition is imbrove now.So A lot of JA stations called CQ DX in this orning. I wish more good condition in the CQ160m contest this month.

16 January, 2014

Down again

Recently the band condition was down again. I almost everyday heard the top band.

However, last few days almost no heard the DX signal. Some major JA stations called CQDX, but many times no return answer from DX.

End of this month. The CQ160m contest will held. Is condition recovered by then?

13 January, 2014

Improve condition

This morning, Solar activity alarm was stopped.  The band condition was return to before normal condition. Therefore, this morning a lot of JA stations QRV on top band with CQDX called.
DX stations also called CQDX on top band.

Last weekend from until now. 4O3A was very active on air on this band. Today also, early morning here when his good signal came to here. The signal was good and stable then many station called that it started small pileup.

This morning, a few small pileup found in the band. Last week for bad condition. I cannot found the small pileup or DX stations signal. However, this week improve the condition. So I can found the DX signal easy.

And recently, LY2BAW is very active. today also nice signal came here. I wish to see his antenna system. It can use the especially or not. I am very interested in his antenna system. Why good and stable signal send to here that it is mistily.

12 January, 2014

This morning

 Last week, the Solar was very active that the proton flax level was very high. Therefore, the band was very unstable and nothing no heard DX signal everyday.

However, this morning here, I was checked WWV solar report when  it was some alarms finished. I have not enough time in this morning. So I watched on top band about 40 minutes.

But this morning could heard some DX signal. I heard the 4O3A, LY2XW and LY2BAW. LY2BAW signal was very stable and strong if compare the other DX signal.

Maybe the band condition will improve this week.  Not maybe, I wish is correct.

11 January, 2014

After long time

Hi all, still no good condition.
I checked WWV report in this morning. The Proton Flux is reduce value. However, the band condition not improve yet.

The top band is still quiet. How long quiet the band situation.

The very active JA DXer can calling CQDX, but no return from DX.

When it will come end of this situation?  Don't know , the god know may be.

09 January, 2014

Proton flux is high value

Hi all

Proton flux is going up rapidly.

Although it was 1E-1 the start of this year, it was set to 7.3E+2 this morning.

No top band can be heard under this influence.

08 January, 2014

Spot opening

This morning, the SSN is still keep high value with some alarm. That value was 245. It was very high as same peak of last year.

And yesterday issued Radio blackout alarm level R2 with Solar radiation storm level S1 from WWV.

However, this morning add Geomagnetic storm alarm level G1. Oh no, WWV issue triple alarms about solar activity.

Therefore, the top band condition is bad that I think so. However, the condition is different for my image.

I was very supplied DX signal. That was RA3QK signal. It was very strong as same as Asian stations signal. Really the S meter displayed 9. But this condition cannot keep long time. It disappeared beyond the noise 10 minutes afterward.

Other 2 stations heard, RG22WG and R6AP. Each stations were weak signal .

It was a wonderful morning.

07 January, 2014

Not audible

This morning here, the SSN value is very high. SSN is over 200. So nothing can be heard.

True one and nothing can be heard.

It is rest in this morning.

06 January, 2014

SSN is high value

This morning here, the band situation was not same yesterday. The solar activity is very high.

The SSN is 178. It is very high value. However, A-Index and K-Index was low level. So high band will be good maybe.

Yesterday, 1A0KM was QRV on this band. So a lot of JA station was QRV with call to 1A0KM. But today very quiet. The SSN is high that the band is unstable.

On 1814.88khz, OG0A was QRV. Yesterday the Aurora was active that the aurora covers North Pole area. Of cause include OH0 area. But today, the aurora activity is down. So OH0 area is outside effect area in this morning.

I heard OG0A signal with first QSB. A few JA stations QSO for him, however almost people difficult copy his signal. So it is not continue pileup for him.

Another DX signal cannot heard. At the sun rise before 1hour. I found the SP8HZZ, however not so strong. Better than yesterday.

Start of new week today. But no good start.

05 January, 2014

Big pileup

This morning, I started the band watch at 0430 local time. However, already started big pileup on 1821KHz. Probably, the cause of this pileup is 1A0KM. It seems that it has QRV for JA this morning.

However,  Though regrettable, I do not hear at all.  While the main station has called 1A0KM, even if other offices QRV, nobody notices.

Chance arrival.

I would like to QSO in the meantime with the station which was able to be heard.

LY2BAW could begin to be heard from 4:30 local time, and it was heard all the time till sunrise time that was characteristic this morning. Other stations were not able to be heard so long.
Although many JA were calling in 1821 kHz, I was not able to hear an 1A0KM signal to the last after all this morning also, either. 

04 January, 2014

It is not audible 1A0KM

This morning, I looking for 1A0KM. 1A0KM was on air the top band today. That information from the DX cluster that it was QRV on 1826.5 QSX UP2.

I adjustment that freq for my transceiver. However,  I can heard the only noise. Cannot heard the 1A0KM signal.

I heard the another freq up 2KHz.  It was around the 1828.5Khz.  Oh, many European stations call to 1A0KM. That station was audible. Can many familiar call signs always be heard?
Although it was heard till 5:30, an 1A0KM signal was not able to be heard after all. 

03 January, 2014

Looking for 1A0KM

 New DX expedition started in this year. That is 1A0KM that it will on air on July every year. But this year first operation started on January.

 So many station were waited that operation on top band. JA's big guns also. However, this morning the condition was no good. Solar activity was very active that A-index and K-index are very high values. A-Index is 22, K-Index is 5.

And WWV informed Geomagnetic storm alarm G1 and Radio blackout alarm R1 were issued.

Actually, this morning cannot heard DX signal. If can hear but very very weak and difficult copy that call sign.

I contacted only two stations. That were RA3AGF and DU7ET. I received 449 report from RA3AGF. Other heard RA3QTT and YO3FFF. That were very very weak, I cannot call to their.

Therefore, In this morning. nobody cannot heard 1A0KM signal in JA. I heard on 40m only.

It desires to improve tomorrow.

02 January, 2014

First contact in this year

The strong wind is blowing violently from last evening.  t is heard in the state where a tower cannot be lengthened.

It cannot be said to be a not much good condition this morning also, either. On the whole, the inside of 'band has a high noise level.

A-Index is set to 12 and K-Index has become 3 so that a solar activity situation this morning may be active, and the alarm of Radio Blackout R1 and Geomagnetic storm G1 also comes out, and it grows old.

When it still passed over 6:30 of here, the signal of UR0VN can begin to be heard from from, and it is becoming strong with time.
He calling CQ JA. however,  Several stations only called many JA as they were not heard.
Since nobody called, the authorities also called. It seems that it calls several times and has copied although it seems that it was not able to copy at first.

It QSO in the top band for the first time this year.

01 January, 2014

Start new year

Hi all, A happy new year 2014.

This morning, I started DX hunting in this new year 2014.  However, the band condition was no good. The noise level was higher than yesterday.

I looking for DX signal, but difficult found that. At pass to 5 o'clock here. I found the IV3PRK, but not to strong. Another JA station send report was 579 or higher. However,  my report was 459. It had QSB.

I call to him, but he cannot copied my signal.  Many times call to him. but he cannot copy correct my call. I gave up and looked for others.
Other stations found only 2 stations. There are US8UA and R7TG. Each stations signal were weak with QSB. I cannot call their.

After all, the top band of the new year beginning did not come by QSO where.