28 January, 2014

After contest

Hi all
The CQ160m test finished after 1day. This morning heard on the band.

It was very different situation in today. Almost not heard DX signal. But on 1813khz, a lot of JA stations called for DX. But I cannot heard DX signal, so where the on air now? I don't know.

Many station called on 1813khz, at the another freq on 1818.5khz. V63DX calling CQ, but a few stations call to him. So many times calling CQ.

This morning SSN is 109, A-Index 6, K-Index 1. I think not so bad condition.  But actually not hear at the before 0500 o'clock local time.

After 5 o'clock, the band condition slowly up. A few DX signal coming. I found the UY5VA and IK0 stations.

However, times over. I must preparation for the work. I shut down the power of my transceiver. Bad luck. The condition up to late. If before one hour up to the condition, I can QSO for DX stations.

Finally I enjoyed contest and many thanks for QSO stations. I contacted for 67QSOs. I think, if I have super station and big antenna system. It is enough QSO. But actually I have only one shunt feed antenna with IC-7700. It is good result for my system,

So everyone, see you next on the band.

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