24 January, 2014

Before CQ160m contest

Hi all

This morning here, the band was very good propagation. Recent few days, the band condition was not so good and unstable here. If I heard DX signal that it was not to keep good situation. Very short time opened.

However, this morning was big different before today. I heard the band at 0430 local time (1930z). At the first I found the good signal. That was 4O3A. It was very nice signal and stable his signal.

I am very surprised at his signal.  And I found the a lot of DX signal on the band in this morning. Therefore many station on the band.

Maybe the CQ160m contest will come on this weekend. So everybody can check their equipment or the adjustment for antenna systems.

Here is Friday morning. This morning very good condition. This condition can keep to the contest or not. Everyone don't know. The god know only. But I wish keep this condition until next Monday morning.

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