05 January, 2014

Big pileup

This morning, I started the band watch at 0430 local time. However, already started big pileup on 1821KHz. Probably, the cause of this pileup is 1A0KM. It seems that it has QRV for JA this morning.

However,  Though regrettable, I do not hear at all.  While the main station has called 1A0KM, even if other offices QRV, nobody notices.

Chance arrival.

I would like to QSO in the meantime with the station which was able to be heard.

LY2BAW could begin to be heard from 4:30 local time, and it was heard all the time till sunrise time that was characteristic this morning. Other stations were not able to be heard so long.
Although many JA were calling in 1821 kHz, I was not able to hear an 1A0KM signal to the last after all this morning also, either. 

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