26 January, 2014

CQ160m contest

CQ160m contest started yesterday.

Evening time here, the North American path was opened. I heard the a lot of US stations from 5 and 0 areas. Normally very easy can heard the west corset. But yesterday better for middle of US.

Many JA stations called to HD2A on the band. The South American path was open a very short time. Therefore, if SA stations signal heard then start the big pileup from JA.

After that in this morning. Also very good open for the Europe. The narrow band width covered DX signals. The DX signal is stable and strong. European stations signal as same as Asian stations. Really strong.

However, the Europe area had the many QRM, I think so. So if signal was strong then I called that. but no return still called CQ test. Some JA station as same situation. Here hear no QRM and clear signal. but there were very QRM maybe.

I QSO for 35 stations. Many US and UA stations. In this evening also I will try to contest and looking for SA station.

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