02 January, 2014

First contact in this year

The strong wind is blowing violently from last evening.  t is heard in the state where a tower cannot be lengthened.

It cannot be said to be a not much good condition this morning also, either. On the whole, the inside of 'band has a high noise level.

A-Index is set to 12 and K-Index has become 3 so that a solar activity situation this morning may be active, and the alarm of Radio Blackout R1 and Geomagnetic storm G1 also comes out, and it grows old.

When it still passed over 6:30 of here, the signal of UR0VN can begin to be heard from from, and it is becoming strong with time.
He calling CQ JA. however,  Several stations only called many JA as they were not heard.
Since nobody called, the authorities also called. It seems that it calls several times and has copied although it seems that it was not able to copy at first.

It QSO in the top band for the first time this year.

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