30 January, 2014


Hi all

 This morning, I heard the top band to late. Because recent condition was not so good. Yesterday also, I heard but I didn't find DX on the band.

However, this morning already start big pileup for JA on around 1822khz. Who is on the air?

I looking for DX signal, after that I understand. This is sprit operation. Where is on the air for main station. I check freq fir up.

Oh one JA station call to DX out of JA band plan.  That is off band. But I understand who is on the air.

Now FT5ZM on the air. But very weak signal. I difficult copy that signal. That direction is dead point from my QTH. So I wasn't contact for VK9X and VK9Y yet now.

FT5ZM direction as same as VK9X and Y. Therefore, I will be not able to contact for there. But before I was contact VQ9LA. So I have a little bit chance for the contact there. Anyway, I wish to contact for that. I will try it. Never give up.

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