13 January, 2014

Improve condition

This morning, Solar activity alarm was stopped.  The band condition was return to before normal condition. Therefore, this morning a lot of JA stations QRV on top band with CQDX called.
DX stations also called CQDX on top band.

Last weekend from until now. 4O3A was very active on air on this band. Today also, early morning here when his good signal came to here. The signal was good and stable then many station called that it started small pileup.

This morning, a few small pileup found in the band. Last week for bad condition. I cannot found the small pileup or DX stations signal. However, this week improve the condition. So I can found the DX signal easy.

And recently, LY2BAW is very active. today also nice signal came here. I wish to see his antenna system. It can use the especially or not. I am very interested in his antenna system. Why good and stable signal send to here that it is mistily.

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