03 January, 2014

Looking for 1A0KM

 New DX expedition started in this year. That is 1A0KM that it will on air on July every year. But this year first operation started on January.

 So many station were waited that operation on top band. JA's big guns also. However, this morning the condition was no good. Solar activity was very active that A-index and K-index are very high values. A-Index is 22, K-Index is 5.

And WWV informed Geomagnetic storm alarm G1 and Radio blackout alarm R1 were issued.

Actually, this morning cannot heard DX signal. If can hear but very very weak and difficult copy that call sign.

I contacted only two stations. That were RA3AGF and DU7ET. I received 449 report from RA3AGF. Other heard RA3QTT and YO3FFF. That were very very weak, I cannot call to their.

Therefore, In this morning. nobody cannot heard 1A0KM signal in JA. I heard on 40m only.

It desires to improve tomorrow.

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