18 January, 2014

Situation this morning

 Hi all.

Recently, still not so good condition on the band. If the band was opend but ot to keep long time. It was very short time for the band opend.

This morning also, I heard start at 0440 local time. LY7M was just started CQ called. His signal was very good and strong today. I waited finish his CQ. after that I was called him.

He send to my report. I am very surprised. He send to 599 report. Normaly the best is 579. Not yet received 599 in the normal QSO. If in the contest, that is only 599.

However, his signal cannot to keep for long time. Signal to down, but although the signal fell, it could be heard and did not become that there is nothing.

Other heard station was HA1TJ and UA4CR. Just only 3stations in this morning.

However, maybe the band condition is imbrove now.So A lot of JA stations called CQ DX in this orning. I wish more good condition in the CQ160m contest this month.

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