08 January, 2014

Spot opening

This morning, the SSN is still keep high value with some alarm. That value was 245. It was very high as same peak of last year.

And yesterday issued Radio blackout alarm level R2 with Solar radiation storm level S1 from WWV.

However, this morning add Geomagnetic storm alarm level G1. Oh no, WWV issue triple alarms about solar activity.

Therefore, the top band condition is bad that I think so. However, the condition is different for my image.

I was very supplied DX signal. That was RA3QK signal. It was very strong as same as Asian stations signal. Really the S meter displayed 9. But this condition cannot keep long time. It disappeared beyond the noise 10 minutes afterward.

Other 2 stations heard, RG22WG and R6AP. Each stations were weak signal .

It was a wonderful morning.

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