29 January, 2014

SSN goes down

Hi all

Yesterday from until now. The solar activity to down. The SSN value was 62. It is less than half before last week.

This morning, I heard the band. It was very quiet. I just heard when I found V63DX only on the band. He calling CQ, but not so many returns.

I continue looking for DX. I found very weak signal on 1813khz. I copied CQ but no copy call sign. Who is on the air?

I copied DK•••• however cannot complete.

Suddenly start JA pileup on 1813khz. But their were not call to DK station. Their called 3B8 station on 1812khz.  So confused on 1813khz.

After ten mini it's the pileup group move to 1814khz. However. I cannot copy 3B8 original signal. Maybe my poor antenna system cannot detect weak signal and South-West direction is dead point for my antenna system.

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