06 January, 2014

SSN is high value

This morning here, the band situation was not same yesterday. The solar activity is very high.

The SSN is 178. It is very high value. However, A-Index and K-Index was low level. So high band will be good maybe.

Yesterday, 1A0KM was QRV on this band. So a lot of JA station was QRV with call to 1A0KM. But today very quiet. The SSN is high that the band is unstable.

On 1814.88khz, OG0A was QRV. Yesterday the Aurora was active that the aurora covers North Pole area. Of cause include OH0 area. But today, the aurora activity is down. So OH0 area is outside effect area in this morning.

I heard OG0A signal with first QSB. A few JA stations QSO for him, however almost people difficult copy his signal. So it is not continue pileup for him.

Another DX signal cannot heard. At the sun rise before 1hour. I found the SP8HZZ, however not so strong. Better than yesterday.

Start of new week today. But no good start.

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