01 January, 2014

Start new year

Hi all, A happy new year 2014.

This morning, I started DX hunting in this new year 2014.  However, the band condition was no good. The noise level was higher than yesterday.

I looking for DX signal, but difficult found that. At pass to 5 o'clock here. I found the IV3PRK, but not to strong. Another JA station send report was 579 or higher. However,  my report was 459. It had QSB.

I call to him, but he cannot copied my signal.  Many times call to him. but he cannot copy correct my call. I gave up and looked for others.
Other stations found only 2 stations. There are US8UA and R7TG. Each stations signal were weak with QSB. I cannot call their.

After all, the top band of the new year beginning did not come by QSO where.

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