26 February, 2014

Good open in this morning

Hi all

After a long time the band is open. How long continue band situation that I don't know.

This morning, the SSN value is 205 and SFI is over 170.  This value is good condition for high band. Actually 40m and 30m bands was no good condition recently.

However, this morning suddenly the band is open.

I check the band that HL5IVL only called CQ a few times. The first, not yet return to his CQ. But pass to 5 o'clock local time. Somebody call to HL5IVL. I can not copy that. Certain it stay in that freq.

Pass to a few minutes. The signal go up. That was OH station, I understand. Ok the band is open now. After that I found the UY0ZG CQ signal. It was very strong with QSB. But I can copy his signal sure.

OE3DIA signal also coming. Some JA stations understood that the band was open. Then each station start the CQDX.

Bad luck, the times over. I start the prepare for work. Maybe still keep open until sunrise.

22 February, 2014


Hi all

 Recently, the solar activity was very high. So low band was very unstable and everyday nothing found the DX signal.

However, Activity was down now. But now N7OU and NE7D are stay in YJ island. Last week they were stated operation from YJ island. The call is YJ0OU and YJ0ZZ.

Last week, I heard YJ0OU on the band. but condition was not so good and that signal was weak. So I contacted to him yet.

This evening, on 1823kHz had pileup from JA. on 1822kHz it QRV YJ0ZZ in this evening. That signal also weak with QSB. But I can copy his signal about 319 to 529.

The QSB also very first cycle, so if drop the signal but less than one minute the signal is up.

Many JA station call to him, but some station can  not copy his return. However, many times he calling CQ and QSX up.

I call to him up 0.98KHz. Almost people call on UP 1KHz or over. I am low power station,so if call as same freq for big stations.  The big stations signal cover my signal, therefor my signal is lost.

So I can call to different point for everyone call freq.

How long call to him. don't know. but Suddenly return to my call. Oh my god. It's lucky.

I QSO for YJ0ZZ in this evening.  however, YJ is not new one.


18 February, 2014

Bad condition

Hi all
Recent few day's the band condition was no good. SFI value was high and A-Index also high.

So band was very quiet. YJ0OU can QRV on other band. Maybe if the top band Is QRV then a little bit answer for his CQ.

I heard the band at morning here on everyday. But not hear the DX signal from Europe.

When the good condition will come?

14 February, 2014


Hi all

Last night YJ0OU was QRV on top band. It is operated by N7OU that he is very active from the Pacific area. Last time I was QSO from E5.

Yesterday the SFI value was still high value. So very noisy on the band. His signal it so so strong. However, the band noise floor was high with little bit QSB. So difficult copy his signal.

However, he is operate from YJ until 25th in this month. Therefore, we will get a chance for QSO by him.

13 February, 2014

It's true

Hi all

I just check again FT5ZM log search. It is final update for close the base camp.

I found the QSO on top band.  In 10th morning here. FT5ZM signal was very strong. Almost people said, it was pirate. Because, many people QSO for that time.
However, log was update but not include top band QSO. After QSO for other bands. Almost include new logs. Only nothing the top band.

So almost people said. It was pirate. Bad luck.  Next day, the signal was very weak. And after one day finish the expedition.
Almost people think, it will try next chance.

However, this morning one more update log search. I check again my QSO.  Then  I found the ident mark of 160m.
That was not pirate. It is true.

Very happy now. Thanks expedition team.

SFI is high

Hi all

Recently the SFI value is very high.  The SSN was up and down. Last week, the SSN was over 200, but now about 150.

However, SFI is still keep high value. Almost over 150. So top band condition is not so good.

This morning also, if DX signal come here. But very weak with QSB. And if open the path then very short time. That about less than 10 minutes. Only one call chance. Of lost of chance, next chance doesn't come.

I heard the band about 30 minutes, however I found only one DX station. It is only one. It is true.

Not so good on the band under high SFI value.

11 February, 2014

Yesterday's operation was a pirate.

Hi all

Yesterday morning here, very good signal came here from FT5ZM on top band.  That time,  a lot of station QSO for FT5ZM. But the log update now. that top band QSO was not include. All the people not in the log.

Now, on the Internet, it is being crowded with the news that it was a pirate, about this affair.  The weak signal was always very strong. It was better than condition. Since it was the strength of the unusual signal when considering now, he has noticed the pirate.

A regrettable result was brought.

10 February, 2014

Good signal from FT5ZM

HI all
 Last week, FT5ZM signal was not so good. That signal was weak everyday with QSB. So many JA station wait for good condition will come.

Everyday heard on 1826.5KHz for many JA stations. but no chance everyday.

However, this morning was different before last week. This morning at 6 o'clock locate time.
FT5ZM signal was strong and stable about 10 minutes. I heard first time of good signal from FT5ZM. Really same signal before last week.

So many station got the chance that big pileup start that time. Maybe many station got the QSO in this morning.

FT5ZM will QRT soon. I wish one more chance.

06 February, 2014

What happen

Hi all

The SSN value goes up in this morning here. The value is 183. 20 or more points up from yesterday.

Therefore, this morning I did not found DX signal on the band. Very high noise flor level.

Nothing signal on the band, only noise.

This high SSN value will keep hold on this weekend. Almost people move to high band. Also FT5ZM will mainly operate for high band.

I did not get it yet on top band.

05 February, 2014


This morning, I looking for FT5ZM on the band. But not found. However, some EU station called FT5ZM around 1822.5KHz.

So FT5ZM was QRV on the band that here was not open path for FT/z area.

I looking for DX on the band.  I found the 4K6FO's CQ. but weak his signal. I still heard his CQ when I wait his signal going up.

At 5:20 local time. His signal gose up with QSB. I called his QSX freq. I called a few times. Return to my call from him. However, he miss copy my call. So I send to many times my call.

Maybe my signal had QSB, so he difficult copy my call. Last call to missed. I send again ...

Pass to 10 minutes, fainaly he correct copy my call. I am very pleased. Because 4K is my first time contact on top band.

Now I went back to my home. after that I connect LoTW server on ARRL. I confirmed 4K6FO QSL on LoTW. I am very happy now.

It came suddenly then

Hi all

This morning, still no good condition. In early time here that the band was quiet also yesterday.

FT5ZM was QRV inform from DX cluster. However, I cannot heard that signal. So band was quiet that it had only noise.

The time pass to 5 o'clock local time. Suddenly, the signal of EA3JE emerged. It is a sudden the rise just like a submarine.
Signal strength can also be heard by 599.

However, this situation cannot keep a long time. After 10minutes, his signal is go down with QSB.  It was the good touch which became good momentarily.

EU was able to begin to be heard a little after that.

The top band is a magic band too.

04 February, 2014

Bad condition

Hi all

This morning the band was very noises. FT5ZM was no QRV in this morning here, so the band was quiet.

But if FT5ZM is QRV, I cannot found his signal. Such as bad noise level.

About 15 minutes I looking for DX on the band. However, I found 8S0DX only.

That signal also, if noise level to down, I found. But high noise came here. I lost his signal.

So very bad condition in this morning here.

02 February, 2014

XW8BM again

Hi all

This morning here, the band condition was poor.  I did not found European DX signals in this morning.

However, FT5ZM signal came here with deep QSB. But not so strong. Sometimes I called him, but no return.

At 530 local time. Today also XW8BM was QRV on 1812.5KHz.  But signal was not so strong. Yesterday of condition was better.
Yesterday also, there were very high noise level maybe. So XW8BM was only  called CQ. Many JA station called up 2KHz.

Bad luck, no return from XW8BM. After 15 minutes XW8BM signal fade out on that freq.

Probably, QSO was not materialized although many stations called this morning also.

01 February, 2014

Gray line path

Hi all.

This mornig also, I looking for DX on the band. This morning WWV report as follows.
SSN :112, A-Index :3, K-Index: 1, Aurora:1

So I started listen on the band when already the band had 2 pileup groups. The one is FT5ZM around 1824KHz, another one is 3B8/HB9ARY around 1814KHz. Each pileup was also big.

However, I do not hear well as usual.

This morning the band was different as usuall. That was the North pole area. OH3XR signal was good and stable.  As same as Asian station. I was surprised very much.

In addition, the signal of LA1MFA which can always be heard hardly was also able to be heard this morning. For me, it is surprising.

After 6 o'clock in local time. Lower edge pileup was change to XW8BM. XW8BM is JA8BMK operat from Laos. As usual, this signal also very weak. This morning also 419 to 519 report in this here.

But at 6:35 local time, The signal went up suddenly.  It seems that it passes over sunrise and went into Gray Line.

The signal was up and really 599. The pileup increased violence.  However, 5 minutes afterward, the signal fell rapidly and became quite weak.

It seems that the signal descended rapidly since the edge of Gray Line was started somehow.

Communication in Gray Line was important, or has checked in the situation this morning.