05 February, 2014


This morning, I looking for FT5ZM on the band. But not found. However, some EU station called FT5ZM around 1822.5KHz.

So FT5ZM was QRV on the band that here was not open path for FT/z area.

I looking for DX on the band.  I found the 4K6FO's CQ. but weak his signal. I still heard his CQ when I wait his signal going up.

At 5:20 local time. His signal gose up with QSB. I called his QSX freq. I called a few times. Return to my call from him. However, he miss copy my call. So I send to many times my call.

Maybe my signal had QSB, so he difficult copy my call. Last call to missed. I send again ...

Pass to 10 minutes, fainaly he correct copy my call. I am very pleased. Because 4K is my first time contact on top band.

Now I went back to my home. after that I connect LoTW server on ARRL. I confirmed 4K6FO QSL on LoTW. I am very happy now.

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