26 February, 2014

Good open in this morning

Hi all

After a long time the band is open. How long continue band situation that I don't know.

This morning, the SSN value is 205 and SFI is over 170.  This value is good condition for high band. Actually 40m and 30m bands was no good condition recently.

However, this morning suddenly the band is open.

I check the band that HL5IVL only called CQ a few times. The first, not yet return to his CQ. But pass to 5 o'clock local time. Somebody call to HL5IVL. I can not copy that. Certain it stay in that freq.

Pass to a few minutes. The signal go up. That was OH station, I understand. Ok the band is open now. After that I found the UY0ZG CQ signal. It was very strong with QSB. But I can copy his signal sure.

OE3DIA signal also coming. Some JA stations understood that the band was open. Then each station start the CQDX.

Bad luck, the times over. I start the prepare for work. Maybe still keep open until sunrise.

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