01 February, 2014

Gray line path

Hi all.

This mornig also, I looking for DX on the band. This morning WWV report as follows.
SSN :112, A-Index :3, K-Index: 1, Aurora:1

So I started listen on the band when already the band had 2 pileup groups. The one is FT5ZM around 1824KHz, another one is 3B8/HB9ARY around 1814KHz. Each pileup was also big.

However, I do not hear well as usual.

This morning the band was different as usuall. That was the North pole area. OH3XR signal was good and stable.  As same as Asian station. I was surprised very much.

In addition, the signal of LA1MFA which can always be heard hardly was also able to be heard this morning. For me, it is surprising.

After 6 o'clock in local time. Lower edge pileup was change to XW8BM. XW8BM is JA8BMK operat from Laos. As usual, this signal also very weak. This morning also 419 to 519 report in this here.

But at 6:35 local time, The signal went up suddenly.  It seems that it passes over sunrise and went into Gray Line.

The signal was up and really 599. The pileup increased violence.  However, 5 minutes afterward, the signal fell rapidly and became quite weak.

It seems that the signal descended rapidly since the edge of Gray Line was started somehow.

Communication in Gray Line was important, or has checked in the situation this morning.

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