13 February, 2014

It's true

Hi all

I just check again FT5ZM log search. It is final update for close the base camp.

I found the QSO on top band.  In 10th morning here. FT5ZM signal was very strong. Almost people said, it was pirate. Because, many people QSO for that time.
However, log was update but not include top band QSO. After QSO for other bands. Almost include new logs. Only nothing the top band.

So almost people said. It was pirate. Bad luck.  Next day, the signal was very weak. And after one day finish the expedition.
Almost people think, it will try next chance.

However, this morning one more update log search. I check again my QSO.  Then  I found the ident mark of 160m.
That was not pirate. It is true.

Very happy now. Thanks expedition team.

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