02 February, 2014

XW8BM again

Hi all

This morning here, the band condition was poor.  I did not found European DX signals in this morning.

However, FT5ZM signal came here with deep QSB. But not so strong. Sometimes I called him, but no return.

At 530 local time. Today also XW8BM was QRV on 1812.5KHz.  But signal was not so strong. Yesterday of condition was better.
Yesterday also, there were very high noise level maybe. So XW8BM was only  called CQ. Many JA station called up 2KHz.

Bad luck, no return from XW8BM. After 15 minutes XW8BM signal fade out on that freq.

Probably, QSO was not materialized although many stations called this morning also.

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