22 February, 2014


Hi all

 Recently, the solar activity was very high. So low band was very unstable and everyday nothing found the DX signal.

However, Activity was down now. But now N7OU and NE7D are stay in YJ island. Last week they were stated operation from YJ island. The call is YJ0OU and YJ0ZZ.

Last week, I heard YJ0OU on the band. but condition was not so good and that signal was weak. So I contacted to him yet.

This evening, on 1823kHz had pileup from JA. on 1822kHz it QRV YJ0ZZ in this evening. That signal also weak with QSB. But I can copy his signal about 319 to 529.

The QSB also very first cycle, so if drop the signal but less than one minute the signal is up.

Many JA station call to him, but some station can  not copy his return. However, many times he calling CQ and QSX up.

I call to him up 0.98KHz. Almost people call on UP 1KHz or over. I am low power station,so if call as same freq for big stations.  The big stations signal cover my signal, therefor my signal is lost.

So I can call to different point for everyone call freq.

How long call to him. don't know. but Suddenly return to my call. Oh my god. It's lucky.

I QSO for YJ0ZZ in this evening.  however, YJ is not new one.


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