30 March, 2014

This morning situation

Hi all

This morning I heard the band. Here is weather is bad. It is rainy morning. Therefore the band was very noisy.
I heard about less than 10 minutes. Not found EU signals. 
Only HL5IVL CQ called on the band. But nobody return to his CQ.
Other low band also no good condition.

Only high band still good.

29 March, 2014

I heard US signal

Hi all

Yesterday day time, I wrote the one post.  That was about top band condition. Recently not so good propagation I wrote. 
However, last night I heard top band when I heard N7 station on the band. His signal had a little bit QSB. But I can easy copied.
I think, not yet come off season on top band.
I think, I will be able to hear on the band everyday that it is better.

28 March, 2014

Off season?

Hi all

This week, a few days good propagation here at near sun rise time.
Good opened for the Europe.  I heard some DX stations continue 2 days.
However, after a few days, never heard DX signal until now. The DX season go away now?
Maybe the off season will come soon.

26 March, 2014

Today also good

Hi all

Here is very warm in this morning. Temp is about 13 deg C. The spring has come here.  I think, the weather will change to rain maybe .

I also heard top band today at before sun rise time. Today also open for the Europe.

The band condition is good. Low noise level. If the DX signal will come then I can easy found that.

I looking for DX signal on the band. Edge to edge in JA band about a few time.  I found the weak signal. Who is on the air?

Not yet strong. About pass to 5 minutes. The signal go up. I can copy that call sign.

That is HA8DM. That is not so strong. But it is stable signal that I easy copy.

I call to him then return to my call. I completed QSO it.

The top band still open, not yet come for off season.  I will hear the band tomorrow morning.

25 March, 2014

EU opened this morning

Hi all

This morning here, before sun rise. After a long time the EU was opened.

I heard on the band at 0530 local time. Nearly sun rise will come the time. I found the good signal for calling CQ.

Who is calling? I think active JA station calling CQDX . However, I copied call was different JA station.

That call was RW3PZ, it very strong signal coming with little QSB. But I can perfect copy. Finish the his CQ, but never call to him. I call to him quickly.

Return to my call. I pleaded. After a long time QSO for EU.

And another pileup found. That was SM1ALH on the air. Some JA stations called him. However , he was not so strong. But also perfect copy can.

I just only 5 minutes heard on the band. But I found the DX signal today. It was very lucky.

I stop the operation that I prepare the work. After go out home to my office.

Maybe this morning here, more DX signal can hear until sin rise after 30minutes.

23 March, 2014

W1AW/5 and W1AW/KH2

Hi all

After a long time, this evening here, I heard the top band. Because I checked DX cluster when I found the ZL7AAA call on 1815KHz

I checked on 1815KHz, however I not found that call. Near 1815.6KHz another strong station is QRV and QSX up. Who is on the air now, I listen when it send the call sign.

Ok, I copy that call. That is W1AW/KH2. I understand why that signal is strong. It is very near place from Japan. Now many station calling that.

Another one call sign I found. That was on the air out of JA freq on 1826.5KHz. That station calling CQ and QSX DWN3.

That call is also W1AW special station. It is W1AW/5. This station signal is not so strong. but very stable signal. Recently the top band condition was unstable. very noisy if DX signal found that it had a lot of QSB. So DX signal was unstable.

However, today very good and stable signal coming here. And it still acing CQ. I try to contact for that. I call it, but not correct copy of 1st time. I send my call a few times. OK no problem, that copy my correct call.

After a long time I contact for DX station on top band. Today very happy.

18 March, 2014


Hi all

After a long time. Recently the high band condition was very good. Now still keep that condition.

So everybody move to high band that the top band was very quiet.

Last night here, I heard the band after a long time. The band had one JA station.  That station was QSO. Where was he contact? I still heard his QSO.

All right, I understand. His QSO station was AA0RS. He finished QSO. I still keep that freq.

After that AA0RS called CQ. That signal was not so strong, but stable signal and low noise level.

I can easy copy his CQ, however, my antenna had problem so I can not call to him. It just only hear.

I understand, everyday the band was opened. But almost people cannot open the band think by theirselves. So everyone move to other bands.

Actually the band was open that it different stable or unstable. That's all.

10 March, 2014


HI all.

In this morning here, as same as recent condition. Not so good, but not very bad. In this morninig before sunrise,  UT22UA calling CQ on JA band edge.

Signa was not strong ,but it can copy. Therefore, JA station called him a lot of times. However, the path is one way that he still called CQ. No return to JA.

How long copy here?  it is 30 minutes or more heard.

It was only this one station that it was audible this morning.

09 March, 2014


Hi all.

Yesterday night, XV7BM was QRV on 1815KHz QSX UP2. That time, very good signal with QSB. So many tJA stations called him. UP 1.7 to 2.0KHz

However,  He still called CQ and sometimes return. Maybe there had a lot of tropical noise. It was very high level noise, so almost signal can not over the noise level.

This morning also same freq was QRV. But not so strong. It better for night time.  He is very active on top band. but very difficult contact for him for standard station. If good antenna or more power. Maybe it can over the noise level.

We must over the noise at first. Bad luck, I can not over the noise. I have not good antenna and more power. I will wait the good condition come. It mean low noise days.

When come that, I don't know. So everyday must heard.

08 March, 2014

It is an off-season soon

Hi all

Sunrise time has become early considerably recently. Since a solar activity is also active, condition is not so good.

Although the Pacific Ocean side can be heard, morning Europe stopped occasionally, being able to hear not much.

It is an off-season soon. Since operate of 4S7 is also planned this month, only hear continues.

05 March, 2014

YJ0ZZ QSL arrived

Hi all

Yesterday I checked LoTW. Many QSL arrived LoTW. I found YJ0ZZ in my arrived list.

That is QSO on 160m in last month. That was YJ0OU and YJ0ZZ two stations QRV, however not so strong each signals. First YJ0OU was very actives. But I didn't QSO.

One day, very good open path for YJ when YJ0ZZ was QRV that time. It different signal strings before condition.

It only one chance that I got QSO for him.
 YJ is not new one on 160m, but I was pleased QSO on top band.

03 March, 2014

Last night

Hi all

Last night here, the band condition was changed. I think the band condition was improved. Maybe.

Last week, everyday heard V73MW on 1820.5kHz QSX up2. However, everyday weak signal. Some persons called him, but so many.

Almost people cannot complete copy his signal. That had some QSB. Of course condition was not so good.

But last evening, not as same last week. V73MW operated on 1820.5kHz QSX up2 also. It signal was strong. It very easy copy his signal. Really it same station on last week, isn't it? Of course V7 is not far from JA. However, since it was always weak, it is a different thing today.

I called up2, however he was still calling CQ. Why? Maybe he didn't hear up2 kHz. I try to another freq that is up 1.95kHz for few times.

That right, return to my call. It is correct.  I got V73MW on top band.
This morning, I check the WWV report. Most important proton flux value is go down. And K-index is 0. Maybe this week improve the condition on top band I think so.

01 March, 2014

This morning situation

This morning, the solar activity is still high. Especially Proton Flux goes up as same as January in this year.

Last time, communication was down on all bands. So in this month, as same as situation will come.

However, in this morning. The band was opened a short time.

I looking for DX on the band that I found the QSO for JA to EU.

DX call was UT6UD that his signal was not so strong. But I can copy.

However, this situation cannot keep long time. About less than half hour, that signal hose down after that fead out.

Here now Spring season come. I wish to stable condition.