18 March, 2014


Hi all

After a long time. Recently the high band condition was very good. Now still keep that condition.

So everybody move to high band that the top band was very quiet.

Last night here, I heard the band after a long time. The band had one JA station.  That station was QSO. Where was he contact? I still heard his QSO.

All right, I understand. His QSO station was AA0RS. He finished QSO. I still keep that freq.

After that AA0RS called CQ. That signal was not so strong, but stable signal and low noise level.

I can easy copy his CQ, however, my antenna had problem so I can not call to him. It just only hear.

I understand, everyday the band was opened. But almost people cannot open the band think by theirselves. So everyone move to other bands.

Actually the band was open that it different stable or unstable. That's all.

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