25 March, 2014

EU opened this morning

Hi all

This morning here, before sun rise. After a long time the EU was opened.

I heard on the band at 0530 local time. Nearly sun rise will come the time. I found the good signal for calling CQ.

Who is calling? I think active JA station calling CQDX . However, I copied call was different JA station.

That call was RW3PZ, it very strong signal coming with little QSB. But I can perfect copy. Finish the his CQ, but never call to him. I call to him quickly.

Return to my call. I pleaded. After a long time QSO for EU.

And another pileup found. That was SM1ALH on the air. Some JA stations called him. However , he was not so strong. But also perfect copy can.

I just only 5 minutes heard on the band. But I found the DX signal today. It was very lucky.

I stop the operation that I prepare the work. After go out home to my office.

Maybe this morning here, more DX signal can hear until sin rise after 30minutes.

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