03 March, 2014

Last night

Hi all

Last night here, the band condition was changed. I think the band condition was improved. Maybe.

Last week, everyday heard V73MW on 1820.5kHz QSX up2. However, everyday weak signal. Some persons called him, but so many.

Almost people cannot complete copy his signal. That had some QSB. Of course condition was not so good.

But last evening, not as same last week. V73MW operated on 1820.5kHz QSX up2 also. It signal was strong. It very easy copy his signal. Really it same station on last week, isn't it? Of course V7 is not far from JA. However, since it was always weak, it is a different thing today.

I called up2, however he was still calling CQ. Why? Maybe he didn't hear up2 kHz. I try to another freq that is up 1.95kHz for few times.

That right, return to my call. It is correct.  I got V73MW on top band.
This morning, I check the WWV report. Most important proton flux value is go down. And K-index is 0. Maybe this week improve the condition on top band I think so.

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