26 March, 2014

Today also good

Hi all

Here is very warm in this morning. Temp is about 13 deg C. The spring has come here.  I think, the weather will change to rain maybe .

I also heard top band today at before sun rise time. Today also open for the Europe.

The band condition is good. Low noise level. If the DX signal will come then I can easy found that.

I looking for DX signal on the band. Edge to edge in JA band about a few time.  I found the weak signal. Who is on the air?

Not yet strong. About pass to 5 minutes. The signal go up. I can copy that call sign.

That is HA8DM. That is not so strong. But it is stable signal that I easy copy.

I call to him then return to my call. I completed QSO it.

The top band still open, not yet come for off season.  I will hear the band tomorrow morning.

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