23 March, 2014

W1AW/5 and W1AW/KH2

Hi all

After a long time, this evening here, I heard the top band. Because I checked DX cluster when I found the ZL7AAA call on 1815KHz

I checked on 1815KHz, however I not found that call. Near 1815.6KHz another strong station is QRV and QSX up. Who is on the air now, I listen when it send the call sign.

Ok, I copy that call. That is W1AW/KH2. I understand why that signal is strong. It is very near place from Japan. Now many station calling that.

Another one call sign I found. That was on the air out of JA freq on 1826.5KHz. That station calling CQ and QSX DWN3.

That call is also W1AW special station. It is W1AW/5. This station signal is not so strong. but very stable signal. Recently the top band condition was unstable. very noisy if DX signal found that it had a lot of QSB. So DX signal was unstable.

However, today very good and stable signal coming here. And it still acing CQ. I try to contact for that. I call it, but not correct copy of 1st time. I send my call a few times. OK no problem, that copy my correct call.

After a long time I contact for DX station on top band. Today very happy.

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