09 March, 2014


Hi all.

Yesterday night, XV7BM was QRV on 1815KHz QSX UP2. That time, very good signal with QSB. So many tJA stations called him. UP 1.7 to 2.0KHz

However,  He still called CQ and sometimes return. Maybe there had a lot of tropical noise. It was very high level noise, so almost signal can not over the noise level.

This morning also same freq was QRV. But not so strong. It better for night time.  He is very active on top band. but very difficult contact for him for standard station. If good antenna or more power. Maybe it can over the noise level.

We must over the noise at first. Bad luck, I can not over the noise. I have not good antenna and more power. I will wait the good condition come. It mean low noise days.

When come that, I don't know. So everyday must heard.

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