20 April, 2014

I heard !

Hi all

I already closed the top band season. So usually heard the band. But never hear DX signal on the band.
However, this morning was different as usual morning. I found a weak signal.
Who is on air ? That was high speed CW that it was entries on the contest. May be new contest that it name is CQ MM contest maybe.
I checked call sign. It had QSB so difficult copy it. How many pass to CQ, don't understand. Finally I copied call sign. It was RT4F. It was the European contest station that it RST was 419 with QSB.
The SSN value was 263, but I can heard top band DX signal. 

It is grate!

18 April, 2014

Nearly 300 of SSN value

Hi all

SSN value is growing up now nearly 300. And SFI also high value. 
Almost people move to high band. Therefore the top band is very very quiet. Nobody no QRV on the band. Actually the band is off season.
I wish to DX expedition. If start DX expedition then many stations QRV on the band. I think so. 
Everybody I listen the band every day. If you will QRV plan have, please inform to me. I will listen your QRV plan day.

14 April, 2014

Not same as yesterday

Hi all

This morning , Already JIDX contest finished. So very quiet on the band.

However, another GC cup was opened . So a few stations called CQ. 
But it was enough opened for the Europe. Today I heard only R3FX.
Asian area was opened. HL5IVL was active in this morning. He called CQ for long time. But not so many returned his CQ.

I heard RK80KEDR, RS80KEDR and RU0LAX. I was QSO for RU0LAX only.
This morning, not same yesterday morning. It bad luck.

13 April, 2014

JIDX contest

Hi all

This weekend started JIDX contest. In this morning here, I checked on top band about condition.
In this morning, the band was good condition. So I heard EU after a long time on top band. 

I heard as follows

UT6UD and UR5IFB were good signals therefore a long time heard their signal.
I was QSO for UR5IFB only.

11 April, 2014

Nearly off season

Hi all

Recently very quiet on top band. Sometimes static noise or lightning noise happen, but actually very quiet. 
Sometimes HL5IVL called CQDX, however   DX stations no return.

Yesterday JD1 on the band. But not so many stations called. 
Nearly off season on top band, I think so.

08 April, 2014

Good open for the South East Asia

Hi all

Yesterday I went home at 2030 local time. I eat a dinner, after that I heard the top band.
The band is very low noise. It hadn't static noise and others. I heard a long time that I 'm not tired of my ear.
The band was opened for the south east Asia.  On 1823kHz, DU7ET was called CQ. But nobody no call that still calling CQ. 
I called that and QSO. Here is 579 his report. Good signal. 

And another one, 9M2AX also CQ on 1831.5KHz. Maybe that time he was looking for US. Not QSX JA band.
That was not so strong that it about 519 with QSB. But I can copy his signal.
In spring season,maybe good open path for north to south. I check the band that I will be able to found the DX signal for Southern area.

07 April, 2014


Hi all

VK9MT was QRT. Last week I looking for it on top band. But there were not able to use the liner amp for top band operation.
Therefore, that signal was very weak. If it had QSB then I listed his signal.
Some JA person found his signal that call to him. However not completed QSO.
Last weekend I got the information about VK9MT DX expedition.
The weather was changed to very bad. The crew feel that this weather is a danger situation. Therefore there start the return preparation quickly.
Last weekend departure from the VK9M Reef.

However, I already QSO on VK9M before DX expedition. Acutely I wish to service for top band of the world.

03 April, 2014

Was VK9MT on air the top band?

Hi all 

Yesterday I went home at 2000 local time. After eat the dinner. I started watch the JT65 mode on 15m band.
The 15m band condition was very good. The heavy and strong wind was stopped last night. So I clank up the my tower and antenna direction beaming to Europe.
Am lot of signal displayed in wsjtx screen. The band was opened for deep side the Europe. I found a few G stations.
There signal was -23dB, but print was no problem. Therefore, I called there soon.
But each stations can not return to me. Almost return to same European side.
I just 30 minutes operated on JT65 mode. I contacted to some stations for the Europe. Maybe more operate will get more station. But I had something to do. So after that, I QRT.
Before watch the 15m, I also watch the 20m a looking for US station. However never found that.